Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Museum: The National Historical Museum in Athens

Here are some pictures from the National Historical Museum in Athens. Located in the building of the Old Parliament , very close to Syntagma square. I will keep commentary to a minimum. The museum is rather small, but rich, thus the perfect 2 hour excursion. Lots of great artifacts.

The old parliament meeting place

The 16th-17th centuries

The Hellenic Enlightenment and birth of the Greek revolutionary movement

The Greek revolution 1821-1830

The heart of the Konstantinos Kanari

The Greek State to the overthrow of King Otto

The Greek state 1864-1922

The Balkan Wars and Asia Minor Campaign (Turkish War of Independence)

Part of Averoff full of shell holes from the Battle of Ellis

Naval artifacts, including the flags of Averoff and Fetih-i-Bulend

Greek Regimental war flags.

Ottoman artifacts from Bizani

Throne of Sultan Abdul Hamid II in his exile

Forward, Archbishopric Crown of the Archbishop Chrysostomos of Smyrna (Izmir). Hanged by either the Turkish government or Turkish people when Izmir was re-taken in 1922.

Background: Ottoman and Turkish trophies from the Balkan Wars and Asia Minor Campaign (Turkish War of Independence)

The pen Venizelos used to sign the Sevres Treaty

Works of beauty! 

Hamidian religious and regimental flag.

Small WW2 part (WW2 is more fully explored by the War Museum) 

The Museum has a rich collection of traditional Greek costume.

Until June there is a special exhibit on the Greek version of the Karagiozis (Karagyoz) shadow puppet theater.

Hidden away for humidity reasons in the basement, tons of 19th and 20th century lead toy soldiers.

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