Saturday, December 12, 2015

Busy update

Not much I fear on gaming or painting front. This has been two very busy months work wise, and I have not had the ability to even keep the 19th Century Group theme updated, let alone do much on the physical side. That said I did do a couple of small projects.

1) Finished rebasing a 6mm Prussian Napoleonic Collection from 60mmx30mm bases to 20x20mm bases.

2) Painted a portable cloth battlefield for the Bloody Big Battles Velestino Scenario. I can use that to set up a BBB battle anywhere in the world, and it can also be used for others games at the 2,6,10,15mm range scales

3) Begun the Ottoman 1877/1897 project. Two command bases and 4 bases of irregulars done. 38 more bases left.

4) Painted three 6mm Bacchus Houses.

Here are some pictures

Next steps for before end of year projects.

1) Finish my BBB Leipzig Scenario

2) Revise my BBB Tuyuti Scenario

3) Write up Theme posts for the 19th Century Warfare and Wargaming Group
4) Finish off some small projects (Union for chess, Brazilian command bases, Confederates for chess and command base)

5) Paint 16 more bases of Ottomans before I have to go for the holidays. Try to get 24 done before the Years end.

My hope is to finish the Ottoman 1877/1897 project before March. Then I can get working on Confederates for Altar of Freedom/BBB. Once I finish Leipzig, I will work on the Giriskon scenario for BBB (Sonderbund War), and then fully tackle the Greek battles of the first Balkan War as part of the Bloody Big Balkan Battles project. By the end of this academic year (summer 2016) I hope to be able to being Greeks for 1897 (hopefully one of the many war-gaming companies will make 10mm Evzones by then).

After all of those projects, I think I will take it easy for a while, focusing on my Danes vs. Austrians 1864 project, and then maybe build up some forces for the Franco-Prussian war. Hopefully by then I will have added some more players to the 19th Century Grand Tactical movement in South-Eastern Europe.

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