Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Museum:Athens War Museum

I took the opportunity of a free day, and great weather, to visit the War Museum of Athens. I have visited it in the past, but wanted to see how a long-lasting renovation process had changed it. In simple terms, this has become quite a cool museum and is well worth your time. There is now even a model shop in the museum, and I bought a nice book on the Balkan Wars "Memorabilia of the Balkan Wars: by Vasilios Nikoltsios and Yannis Mylonas. This contains all the illustrations from the Mylonas book on Balkan War uniforms, and tons of other artifacts. It covers all the armies of the wars. A must have and it seems to be only available at the War Museum (in Greek and in English).

The museum covers antiquity to 1974, with special focus on the Balkan Wars, and World War 2. It does not cover the Civil War. It has fewer artifacts than the National Historical Museum, but more pictures and art.

For those of you who might not get a chance to see it, or who would like to check out pictures, here is a massive amount of pictures. I will not put captions beyond some points.

Greek fighter jets parked in the museum's courtyard

Battle of Crete, 1941 monument. 

Entrance to the Museum

Guns parked in the courtyard

1897 Krupp gun

Portable armored sentry posts

Balkan Wars, 1st WW, Turkish War of Ind. (Asia Minor Campaign) Gun

Various Greek Uniforms of the 1910-1940 period

1919-1922 Uniform

Balkan Wars, 1 WW

1940s and after

Diplomatic Corps

Greek Revolution 

The following are from the Saroglu Collection, a massive global collection of weapons and artifacts amassed by the Greek Officer Petors Saroglu. This is the Museums largest collection in number of artifacts. 

Coat of Arms of all units of the Greek Armed Forces

Modern era 1940s-1970s. The Museum does not cover the Greek Civil War (still a controversial topic in Greece)

Personal weapons of Field Marshall Papagos

Greek revolution

View to the ancients gallery

Battle of Skra, 1918

Battle of Eski Sehir, 1921

Ancients Gallery

Multimedia Section

Alexander the Great Gallery

Rome and Byzantium (Eastern Rome)

28mm Figurines!!!!

Greek Fire 

Ottoman Rule and Latin Rule galleries, plus 1821 Revlution


Modern Greek State 1829-1912

Ioannis Kapodistrias

Greek Lancer of the Ottonian Army

AWEEEEESSSSOMMMMMEEE!!! 1897 Greek Soldier Uniform!

Greek Macedonian Guerrilla during the insurgency vs. Bulgarian insurgents in Ottoman Macedonia

Balkan Wars exhibits

Shells from Elli and Lemnos

The Averoff

The Averoff

Greek Regimental Flag. This was flown in France in 1918

Battle of Yiannitsa (useful for the BBB Scenario)

Artifacts belonging to Lt. General Panayotis Kondylis.

15 year old soldier

1st World War Artifacts

Balkan Wars. Ottoman Trophy Flags

Balkan Wars, pictures

Garibaldini exhibit!!!!!!!!

Battle of Second Balkan War

Battleship Kilkis (ex USS Idaho). Bought by the Greek state as a stop-gag during the arms race with the Ottoman Empire 1912-1914

Asia Minor Campaign (Turkish War of Ind.)

WW2 Artifacts, uniform of first greek officer killed in 1940

Asia Minor Campaign


Asia Minor Campaign

More Ottoman Flags

Asia Minor

Turkish Shell turned into a phone

WW2, Italian Invasion

Sofia Vembo clothes

WW2 German invasion

Awesome diorama and cut-out of the Ruppel Forts

WW2 Battle of Crete

WW2 Italian Invasion

WW2 Sacred Band, Greek Army of Middle East, Axis Occupation, Resistance

Nazi German Trophies

EDES and EAM Manifestos next to each other

Statistics of Death

Post 1940s era

Korean War

Cyprus Room

more decorations and uniforms

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