Saturday, November 21, 2015

Project Finished: American Civil War US (Union) Army

Good Day to all

I am finally done with my ACW Union army. Initially collected for the Gaine's Mill Scenario for Altar of Freedom the force can of course be used for Black Powder, Neil Thomas Rules, and Bloody Big Battles. Figures are all from the great 10mm range by Pendraken Miniatures

I tried to use the morning light to get some pictures, but they are not that great. I apologize for that.

I have 16 Altar of Freedom Infantry Units, 8 artillery units, 1 cavalry unit, and 3 command bases

In Neil Thomas basing I have 12 infantry units, 1 cavalry unit, and 8 artillery units

In BBB basing, I have 48 infantry bases, 2 cavalry bases, 8 artillery bases, and 3 command bases.

The whole force organised as a Union Corps of two divisions each of two brigades, each of 4 regiments

Another view

And another.

A brigade of New England Regiments primarily from New York

Another brigade of New England Regiments, Zouaves in the front.

A Brigade of US Federal troops, including a regiment of US Colored Troops

A closer look at the US Colored Troops

A Brigade of Pennsylvania reserves (note the lack of regimental flags)

Another view of the whole Corps

Re-organised into Neil Thomas Basing.

The next task is the non-enviable one of painting 25 Confederate units. That is a lot of lead. It actually is 75 bases of infantry and thus the largest project I have tackled in 10mm. But before them I have to finish about 44 bases of Ottoman Turks for 1877/1897

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Very nice indeed, American Civil War is one of my favourite periods

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