Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Historical Gaming news from Turkey

Your loyal foreign correspondent has news from the  Sublime Porte!

Last weekend Onur and two other gamers played a Black Powder battle using 1/72 armies based on the Battle of Waterloo

You can read a AAR at this link at Karargah Club.

Onur was nice enough to provide me with some pictures of the game, to make up for the fact that non-members cannot see the pictures on the Club Page.

The French overrun Hougemont and Le Haisainte 

Original Positions of the Anglo-Prussian Army

The French carry the field.

A good day for Napoleon

The French Attack

The French break-through

The table.

The French Arrive

The French Advance

The two armies after the arrival of the French

Storming the strong-points

1/72 goodness

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