Sunday, October 4, 2015

Old Project resurrected: 6mm Napoleonics

Years ago, and we are talking years ago I made a stab at 6mm Napoleonics from Baccus. Me and a friend bought a Polemos starter set with Prussians and French. The expectation as that I would paint the French and he the Prussians. It did not pan out. He could not find the time or energy for the Prussians, and while I painted most of the French and some of his Prussians, I lost interest as well (no possible opponent). What is more the Polemos rules simply did not work for me. The one test game we did felt flat, and the forces that came with the purchase were simply not big enough to give me the Grand Tactical games I wanted with Polemos. So the project went to the back burner. I did bring the left over french with me to the US, but never really got down to paint them. Until now.

All the Grand Tactical action going on in my gaming life, and the games produced by people playing Sam Mustafa's Blucher got me into a painting mood. Not only that but I am in gap in my 10mm painting right now. All the stuff I had is done and I have yet to order the new stuff. So I sat down and started painting those French. I had with me command, the cuirassiers, and 4 artillery crews. Over this week I finished the first two sets. As with all my post-2013 projects (exception DBA) I use my universal 20 CM square basing. Painting is minimal wargaming standard. I will use these guys with Bloody Big Battles (that can be expanded to the 1813-1815 campaigns without much difficulty), Black Powder,and with Blucher (which I want to give a for). 

Next point is to find the French army (I left it with the friend) buy off the Prussians, and paint the rest of. 


Toxic Pixie said...

If you need some reinforcements I can recommend the MDF figures from Commission Figurines - £2 for 96 infantry and whilst the "bare wood" looks disappointing they paint up brilliantly!

I'll see if I an pop a half decent picture on the forum as example :)

Konstantinos Travlos said...

those did look great man.