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19th Century What Ifs? The Franco-US War of 1866-1868 Part IV: OOB for Franco-Mexican-Texan Forces

OOBs France and Allies 1866

Army of the Republic of Texas
CnC Lieutenant General Jubal Early
1st Brigade-Major General Jo Shelby
Spaight’s Texas Volunteer Regiment-500 men
1st Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-600 men
Shelby’s Volunteer Regiment-800 men
A battery, 1st Texas Artillery

2nd Brigade-Brigadier General P.O.Hebert
2ND Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-600 men
3rd Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-500 men
4th Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-500 men
B Battery, 1st Texas Artillery

Texas Cavalry Detachment-Brigadier General J.E.Slaughter
Sweet’s Cavalry Battalion-150 men
Bradford’s Cavalry Battalion-250 men
1st Texas Cavalry Regiment-400 men
Redeemers Volunteer Cavalry Regiment-135 men
A and B Battery , 1st Texas Light Artillery

Total Army of Republic of Texas: about 3500 Infantry, 1000 cavalry, 16 guns

Many of the units are made up veterans of the CSA. Rather mobile force, lacking in equipment.

Expeditionary Army of the Junta of the Republic of Mexico
CnC-President-General Miquel Miramon
1st Division- General of Cavalry Tomaso Meija
4 Infantry Battalions (Morelos, Hildago, Allende, Guerrero) (average strength 800 men)
1 Chasseur Battalion
A and B batteries, Field Artillery Regiment

Total men and guns: 4000 men, 12 guns

2nd Division-General of Division Leonardo Marquez
4 Infantry Battalions (Aldama,Jimenez,Matamoros, Landero)
1 Chasseur Battalion
C and D batteries, Field Artillery Regiment

Total men and guns:4000 men, 12 guns

3rd Division-General of Brigade Vicario
4 Infantry Battalions (Abasolo, Galeana, Marinos, California)
1 Cacadores Battalion
E and F batteries, Filed Artillery Regiment

Total men and guns:3700 men, 12 guns

Cavalry Division-Colonel Valdez
1st Regiment Horse-Cacadores
2ns Regiment Horse-Cacadores
1st Regiment Lancerios di Patria
2nd Regiment Lancerios di Patria
1st Regiment Regulares
4 Batteries Horse Artillery

Total men and guns:2000 men, 16 guns

Total Expeditionary Army of Junta of Republic of Mexico: 12700-13000 infantry,2000 cavalry,  52 guns

These represent the forces the Junta can trust enough for an invasion of the US. Troops are veterans of the Reform and French Intervention Wars. They have been re-organized and reequipped by the French and are probably the best supplied army Mexico has put on the field. That said morale is going to be variant depending on how many man had to be drafted from the Liberal forces. Material is French provided.
French Army of Mexico
CnC Marshall Alphonse Bazaine
I Expeditionary Corps
CnC General De Castagny

Voltiguer Division of the Imperial GuardGeneral Div. Bourbaki
(2 Regiments of 2 battalions each, 1 Chasseur Battalion):5 battalions

1ST Division- General Div.Aymard
1st Battalion/ 1st Zouave Regiment*, 3 Battalions/ 2ndZouave Regiment***, 3 Battalions/ 1st Regiment Turcos*** ):7 Battalions

2nd Division- General Div.Mangin
(French Foreign Legion (4 Battalions)**** , 99th Regiment of the Line (3 Battalions)***, 1st  Chasseurs Battalion*: 8 Battalions

Cavalry Division-General Div. Dupin
2 Regiments of Chaussers De Afrique**, 2 Regiments of Sipahis**

Artillery Complement
10 Batteries of Artillery ( 2 Voltiguer Guard 4-pdrs batteries/ 2 Guard Horse Artillery Batteries/6 Horse Artillery Batteries)

Total men and guns: 13000 infantry, 2000 Cavalry,60 guns

II Expeditionary Corps
CnC General Douay

Marine Division- General de Brigade Henique
(1* + 3 Regiments each of three Battalions): 12 Battalions

3rd Division- General Durcot
51st*, 62nd*, 95th* Line Regiments each of 2 Battalions, 7th Chasseur Battalion* :7 Battalions

4th Division-General Dusmenil
81st *, 7th* Line Regiments each of 3 Battalions, 20th and 18th Chasseur Battalions**: 8 Battalions

Cavalry Division-General Desvaux
 1sr Regiment Lancers of the Line, 53rd * and 25th Regiments of Hussars, 12th Regiment of Chasseurs a Cheval*

Artillery Complement
8 Batteries of Artillery (2nd Field Artillery Regiment)

Total men and guns: 17500 infantry, 2000 Cavalry,48 guns

Reserve Corps
CnC General Ladmiralaut

5th Infantry Division- General Torchu
3 Line Regiments each of 3 Battalions, 1 Chausser Battalion: 10 Battalions

Reserve Cavalry Division-General Legrand
1 Cuirassier Regiment, 2 Dragoon Regiments, 2 Chasseurs a Cheval Regiment

Reserve Artillery
16 Batteries ( 4th and 12th Field Artillery Regiment)

Total men and guns: 6500 infantry, 2500 Cavalry,96 guns

Total for French Army of Mexico: 37000 Infantry, 6500 Cavalry, 204 Guns
Units with * are Veteran

Total French Allied Forces: 53500 Infantry, 9500 Cavalry, 272 Guns

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