Thursday, September 3, 2015

Revisiting Gaines Mill

As a way to rekindle my drive for this project, I laid out the terrain and units, using my Russians as proxies for the Confederates. The thing looks good. Cannot wait to get back to collecting and painting armies.

The filed laid out, seen from the Union lines

The units that come as reinforcements (by mistake I put one Union division in that comes are reinforcements)

A view along the green hell that is Boatswain's Swmap

The Union lines seen from Longstreet's division. The difficulties the terrain would give to an attacker seem evident.

The Union line with the the Divisions of AP and DH Hill coming towards them.

A wall of flesh and steel.

Looking from the bottom of the swamp towards Morrell's entrenched division.

From Morell's division to across the swamp.

Another view of the board with the initial forces deployed.

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