Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Perfidious Albion: Battle of the Yellow Sea 1904

Not much gaming this month. I have been focused on a) terrain building and b) painting off my 10mm lead pile before putting my new orders in for Pendraken.

Doruk Efendi and me did get together at my place to play a game of Perfidious Albion. We played, once more, the Battle of the Yellow Sea in 1904 from the Russo-Japanese War. I commanded the Russians and he the Japanese.

I hammered away at the Mikasa, but once more despite being crippled it survived (a "lucky" model of a "lucky" ship).

In return the Japanese crippled the Sevastopol and Tsesarevich killing admiral Vitigief (he died in the previous iteration of this battle) and Vice Admiral Ukhtomsky.  They also sank by magazine hits the Poltava and Retvisan. The only Russian succees beyond crippling the Mikasa, was a magazine hit that exploded the AC Kasuga.

A bad defeat, and a bit of a tiring game. I really feel Perfidious Albion is really a game that can handle up to 3-4 ships per side. Beyond that it can grind.

Here are pictures of the action

Russians towards you, Japanese away

Japan CnC

Russia CnC at work

The lines approach 

Russian Batleship explodes


The Kasuga explodes

Second Russian battleship explodes

Ships sunk

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Oswald said...

Great looking game - pre dreds were exploding wholesale! Makes me want to get the old coal burners out! Cheers Alan