Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Finishing the 10mm leadpile

Well I finished painting all the superfluous miniatures from my Altar of Freedom Project. They are all Pendraken 10mm, and here is what I did with them (many projects WIP)

First off six bases of French Imperial Guard Voltiquer Division (in post 1860 grab)

ACW Kepi Zoauves painted as Pontifical Zouaves/ Volunteers of West for Wars of Italian Unification or Republican phase Franco-Prussian War

 Extra Generals for AoF, and extra bases for four Union regiments, so that I can use them for BBB and Neil Thomas 19th Century Rules

Two extra infantry units for AOF, one of them of African Americans (the front one)

The first test Confederate unit for AOF.

Brasilian Units for the War of the Triple Alliance. ACW Fez Zoauves as Bahia Zoauves, and ACW Union Infantry as Brazilian Regulars in early war summer grab. 

So a good start of several small projects.

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Phil said...

Nice looking figures!