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19th Century What Ifs: US vs. France and Mexico 1866 Part III: US OOB

At the start of the war the US has available 5 corps. 2 in the Army of Texas, and 3 in the Army of the Gulf. The two Corps of the Army of Texas (4th and 25th) should be rated Veteran. Of the three corps of the Army of the Gulf, the 16th should be rated veteran, while the 13th and 19th should be rated Average.

US Army of Texas

CnC Major General Phillip Sheridan
4th  Corps
General  Thomas Wood

1st Division B.GKimball?
Original Veteran Units: 21st Ill ,31st Ind,38th Ill,21st Ken,23rd Ken,51st Ohio,30th Indiana,77th Penns
Original Veteran Units Transferred from other Corps Divisions: From 2nd (64th Ohio)

2nd Division B.G Elliot
Original Veteran Units: 57th Ind,51st Ill,36th Ill,44th Ill,125th Oh,40th Ind,28th Ken,26th Ohio,42nd Ill,15th Miss,65th Ohio

3rd Division B.G Beatty
Original Veteran Units: 51st Indiana,8th Kansas,15th Ohio,49th Ohio,59th Illinois,41st Ohio,71st Ohio,13th Ohio,19th Ohio
Potential Veteran Reinforcements: 5th US Infantry

Corps Artillery
Original Veteran Units: Battery "A" Kentucky Light Artillery, Independent Battery B, Pennsylvania Light Artillery

Total Infantry Regiments: Veteran 30
Total Artillery Battery: Veteran 3, + 3 Reinforcements
Total Estimated Men at 500 men Average Regimental Strength:15000
Total Estimated Guns at 6 guns per battery: 36

25th Corps
Major-General Godfrey Weitzel

1st Division B.G Kautz
Original Veteran Units: 22nd USCT, 36TH USCT,38th USCT,118th USCT, 29TH Conn(Col), 9th USCT,115th USCT, 117th USCT, 19th USCT, 23rd USCT, 43rd USCT, 114th USCT, 2nd USCT Cav

2nd Division B.G Birney
Original Veteran Units: 7th USCT, 109th USCT, 116th USCT, 8th USCT, 41st USCT, 45th USCT, 127th USCT,29th USCT, 31st USCT

3rd Division B.G C.J Paine
Potential Veteran Units:  10th USCT, 28th USCT , 1st USCT, 37TH USCT, 5TH USCT, 4TH USCT, 6th USCT
Potential Other Units: 62nd U.S. Colored Troops, 87th U.S. Colored Troops

Corps Artillery
Supposed to have 56 guns in historical sources, so about 9 batteries, no idea of units

Total Infantry Regiments: Veteran 32
Total Artillery Battery: 9
Total Estimated Men at 500 men Average Regimental Strength:16000) (historical OOB gives 13360)
Total Estimated Guns at 6 guns per battery: 56

Cavalry Divisions
1ST Division MG Metritt
Original Veteran Units: 1st Mich Cav, 7th Mich Cav, 6th NY Cav, 17th Pennsylvania, 20th Pennsylvania, 1st US Cav, 5th US Cav, 6th US Cav
Total Strength March 1865: 2942 men, Potential Strength in 1866: 1500?
Probably more Veteran units here

2nd Division MG Custer
Potential Units: No idea, most of his Division had mustered out historically by summer 1865. I have a feeling he took the balance of the US cavalry regiments with him so 2nd and 3rd US Cav.
Total Strength March 1865: 4355, Potential Strength in 1866: 2000?
Probably more “green” units here
Two US Regular Batteries: 12 guns

Total Potential Strength US Army of Texas
Infantry: 31000 men/ Cavalry: 3500-4000 men/ Artillery: 104 guns

US Army of the Gulf
CnC Maj. Gen. Edward Canby
13th Corp
General Gordon Granger

1st Division B.G Veath
Original Veteran Units: 29th Ill,8th Ill, 46th Ill, 30th Missou
Original Veteran Units transferred from Corp Division: From 2nd (94th Ill)
Potential Veteran Reinforcements: 1st US infantry
 Original Divisional Artillery: Mass Light Art x2 Batt

2nd Division B.G Andrews
Original Veteran Units: 114th Oh, 24th Ind, 83rd Oh, 48th Oh, 37th Ill, 20th Win
Original Divisional Artillery: Mass Light Art 15th Batt, Conn Light Art 2nd Batt

3rd Division B.G Benton
Original Veteran Units: 28th Ill, 35th Win, 7th Ver, 77th Ohio, 27th Win
Original Divisional Artillery:New York Light Art x 2 Batt

Corps Cavalry
Original Veteran Units:  1s Florida, 2nd Maine

Total Infantry Regiments: Veteran 17 +13 “Green” Regiments: 30 regiments?
Total Artillery Battery: 6
Total Estimated Men at 500 men Average Regimental Strength: 8500 Veterans+6500 Green: 15000
Total Estimated Guns at 6 guns per battery: 36

This is the corps that would probably get most newly raised volunteer regiments for this war.

19th Corp (Reformed)
This represents an amalgam of units in Louisiana and the one division of the original 19th Corp that stayed in Louisiana
Major General  Frederick Steele

1st Division BG Hawkins
Original Veteran Units: 6lst USCT ,73rd USCT, 82nd USCT ,86th USCT,  47th USCT, 50th USCT, 5lst USCT ,48th USCT, 68th USCT, 76th USCT
Original Artillery: Mass, Light Artillery 7th Battery
Reinforcement Artillery: Iowa Light Artill 4th battery

2nd Division BG T.W. Sherman
 Units: 1st New Orleans, 20th USCT,46TH USCT, 56th Oh, 16th Ind, 1st Louisiana, 2nd Louisiana, 7th Kentucky
Artillery: Mass Light Art, 6th Battery, NY Light Arty 25th Battery

Corps Cavalry
Units: 1st Texas Cavalry, 3rd RI Cav, 1st Louisiana Cav

 Total Infantry Regiments: 18
Total Artillery Battery: 4
Total Estimated Men at 500 men Average Regimental Strength: 9000
Total Estimated Guns at 6 guns per battery: 24

This Corps should also be considered of mixed veteran/green status

16th Corp
Major General  A.J. Smith

1st Division BG Macarthur
Original Veteran Units: 33rd Ill, 26th Ind, 93rd Ind, 72nd Ohio,47th Ill,11th Miss, 8th Wisc, 33rd Miss,
Original Division Artillery: 2nd Iowa Light Batt.

2nd Division BG Garrand
Original Veteran Units: 119th Ill,178th NY, 21st Missouri, 11th Wisc, 34th NJ, 52nd Indiana, 58th Ill, 10th Kansas
Original Division Artillery: N/A

3rd Division BG Carr
Original Veteran Units: 44TH Misso, 40th Misso, 49th Misso, 14th Wisc, 8th Iowa
Original Division Artillery: 4 Batteries

Total Infantry Regiments: 20 Veteran+ 10 “Green”?
Total Artillery Battery: 5+1?
Total Estimated Men at 500 men Average Regimental Strength: 10000 Veterans + 5000 green: 15000?
Total Estimated Guns at 6 guns per battery: 36

Army Cavalry Coprs
Major General Benjamin Gierson

1st Division BG Knipe
Original Veteran Units:  4th Wisc Cav,2nd NJ, 13th Indiana,2nd Maine Cav
Original Division Artillery: N/A

2nd Division  BG Lucas
Original Veteran Units:1st Louisiana Cav,1st Florida, 2nd Ill Cav
Original Division Artillery: 1 Bat
Total Strength April 1865: 6200, Potential Strength 1866: 3500?

Total Potential Strength US Army of the Gulf
Infantry: 27500-39000 men/ Cavalry: 3500-4000 men/ Artillery: 102 guns

Total Potential US Forces available against Franco-Mexicans 1866

58500-70000 Infantry/ 7000-8000 cavalry/ 205 guns

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