Monday, August 24, 2015

BBB:Battle of Inkerman 1854

On Sunday I introduced Mehmet to Bloody Big Battles. We played the Inkerman scenario. I played the Russians and he the Anglo-French. My 1877 Russians proxied for the Russians, and his 1815 British for the Anglo-French.

This was not my best showing as a host as I was tired, and in the midst of working on a modular terrain system for BBB. We did have fun, but I was not able to win Mehmet over to BBB from Black Powder. There were elements of the rules he loved but the terrain requirements did daunt him. My hope is that my modular system will take care of that. He will play again, but if I or Onur host the game. That is fine. I do feel if the terrain was a bit better and me a bit less tired that maybe I could had won him over.

Scenario wise we forgot the fog rule for the first 4 turns so that might had an impact on the final result of a Russian defeat. The defense was king and I think I lost 4-units for only two anglo-french losses. The game mostly saw me trying to attack along the Dock and Careenage Ravines with Soimonov and Paulov. I eschewed much action with Gorchakov in the south. My goals were the Gordon, Home Ridge, and Lancaster  Redoubts. I took the Home Ridge one for one turn but was ejected, ending the game in defeat. I cannot say I enjoy scenarios where the armies have a variety of weapons, as it required frequent checking of ranges etc. The british in fortifications were very hard to eject frequently getting 2 right column shifts when shooting, and 1 left column shift when shot at. Still not a bad scenario and would try it again.

Historical Map
BBB Scenario map

My attempt to represent it, looking from South towards north. 

Initial deployments.

Early attempt at the Gordon Battery, beaten back

The battle develops.

Gorchackov makes his play against the French, and fails. Action on the south grounds to a halt

Russian columns attacking the Gordon, Lancaster and Home Ridge positions.

A view of the action from the West looking towards east. British and French units move to support the defense. 

The southern front, safe.

Panaroma of the battle

Concentrated Russian assault at Home Ridge

Lancaster Battery

Gordon Battery

The situation about Turn 5 

Beaten back at Home Ridge

Beaten back at Lancaster

The Chaussers de Afrique shine destroying two spent Russian regiments in front of Home Ridge with a charge. They pay the price though when artillery is brought up to shoot them.

Massing for another charge

The Russian mass for one last, ultimate effort.

Once more into the fray at Home Ridge

And Gordon

And Lancaster

All three beat back and end of the game sees the Anglo-French Victorious. 

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