Saturday, August 1, 2015

Athens Summer 2015 Gaming

Phew! I had these pictures uploaded for a long time, but no explanatory text. I was in Greece between July and August for vacations (the first summer vacations in 3 years). Staying for a rather long period, me and my old friends, organized in the e-group To Ksylo tis Arkoudas (the beating by a bear, a greek word signifying a situation were a lot of beatings occur) were able to play a lot of board and miniature games. So the pics are from those. It was good times and I got a chance to put some models and rules on the table that had not seen the light of day in a long time. Games played were

SAGA: 5 games, with three friends hooked. I can know say there is a SAGA scene in Athens. We used both historical 28mm miniatures, but also our Warhammer armies and it worked fine. I of course did not win even one game :p

Wizard Battle at Skullfyrze Mountain. Lost

Kiss me Hardy: 2 games, lost both.

Big Battle DBA: 1 game, won

Warhammer: 1 game, lost

Twilight Struggle: 3 games, won 1

X-COM the Boardgame

Warhammer 40k: 1 game, lost

Maria: 1 game, won

The basement set up. Precarious but it will do.

Saga: Orcs and Goblins with Vikings vs. Dwarves with Anglo-Saxons Battle for the Ford (I was Dwarves-Anglo Saxons)

Wizard Battle at Skullfyrze Mountain

Kiss me Hardy: Action of 13th January 1797 (French vs. UK, I was UK and lost)

Big Battle DBA! Romans+Nikiforean Byzantines + Bedouin Dyansties vs. Celtiberians+Welsh+Feudal British (I commanded the first grouping and won after a tight battle)

Warhammer! Dwarves with some human allies vs. Orcs and Goblins ( I commanded the Dwarves and lost).

Early set-up

Final Setup

Epic clash between dwarf warlord and troll!

Orcs take the tower

Another Kiss me Hardy game: This time the England Expects scenario (6 French SOL vs. 4 UK ones). I was the UK and bad wind led to my total defeat.

More SAGA!

Twilight Struggle

More SAGA!


8 point SAGA game: Anglo-Saxons and Jomvikings vs. Anglo-Saxons (Orcs and Goblins), Sacred Ground Scenario. I commanded the Orcs and Goblins and lost.

Yet more Saga! Dwarves vs. Moria Goblins

Warhammer 40k: 4 Player battle. I played my space marines, an army I have not gamed with in 7 years. The otehr armies wer Chaos, Tyranids and Necrons

All in all a good summer bash for our little group. Now for next year, when I will definitely run Domokos with BBB. Thanks to this almost all my miniature collection got at least 1 game in. 

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