Monday, June 29, 2015

Project DBA IV/23 Generic Feudal English

The final army for my great DBA project is done. A generic Feudal English army. It is not correct for DBA 2.2 as I was missing a lot of the miniatures for many of the elements, and I did not want to buy them. Instead i wanted to use what was left over from this long project. So instead it is a IV/23 army in spirit. All units could be in the DBM version of this army. This army is the matched pair to my Welsh

The official list is
1x3Kn(Gen), 3x3Kn, 4x3Bw, 1x4Sp, 2x7Hd, 1x3Cv//3Sp or 2Ps or 4Cb

My version is

1x 3Kn(Gen), 4x3Kn, 2x3Bw, 2x4SP,2x2PS, 1x4Cb

The army in full

Another view

Welsh bowmen and feudal foot levies

Light infantry, mercenary crossbowmen.

Ex-Vangarian guard mercenaries. 


The flower of English chivalry

General's element.

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