Monday, June 29, 2015

Perfidious Albion: Black Sea Clash

Over the weekend me and Doruk efendi played a fictious Black Sea clash. A mixed force of Ottoman Battleships and Cruisers tries to exit the Bosporus into the Black Sea. A Russia squadron of battleships awaits. I was the Russian admiral. Doruk was the Ottoman

Ottoman Force
Admiral Competence 0
Barbaros Heyderin BB, flag
Torgut Reis BB
Mesudiye BB
Mecidiye PC
Hamidiye PC

Russian Force
Admiral Competence +1
Retvisan BB, flag
Petropavlosk BB
Peresvet BB

In the end the superior Russian battleships domianted the battle. The Barbaros Heyderin had to surrunder and the Mecidiye exploded. The Russian ships did receive some good hits. The Ottomans gave up when the Torgut Reis failed to ram the Retvisan.

Initial setup. Russians bottom, Ottomans up.

Russians begin a turn to show broadsides

Birds eye view

The Ottoman Fleet

Birds eye view

 The Russians after firing a couple of broadsides steam to the shelter of a islet

Turning around to hit the Ottomans from the other flank

Russian manouvers meant that for a long period only the forward guns of the Barbaros Heyderin engaged the full broadsides of the three Russian BBs.

The two line close

Parallel lines of battle 

The Barbaros Heyderin is hammered 

And strikes its colors

The Ottomans try to box in the Russian BBs which change from line, to abreast, to quarter line to keep targets in broadsides.

Lines of Battler reformed

The Mecidiye Explodes due to a magazine hit

The Torgut Reis tries a desperate and brave ram, but misses it. The Ottoman admiral orders the fleet to steam back to he safety of the Bosporus forts.

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