Saturday, June 6, 2015

ACW Updates and a shout out for a great company: Stone Mountain Miniatures

Beyond my gaming, I also have advanced my painting.

I have now painted all the Union infantry I need for Altar of Freedom's Gaine's Mill scenario. 8 bases are fully ready, while the rest need officers and standard-bearers. I underestimated how many standards I needed for Union troops, and did not order enough command packs from Pendraken. This should be rectified in September.

Porter's corps infantry

Speaking of standards, Dave at Stone Mountain Miniatures  send me for free one of his ACW flag-sheets. This was a swell thing. Now as all of you who have been following my blog over this last half-decade know I love painting flags. So generally speaking I do not use commercial flag-sheets. However not everybody is like me, and I know a lot of you do use them. Let me then strongly recommend the Stone Mountain Miniatures Product. The flag-sheet I was send ACW FLAGS no.1 is a very good product.

There are total of 26 flags on it. There are 7 Union National flags, and 7 Union regimental flags (these are the blue ones with the eagle and red scrolls). All of them the same pattern.

There is one Confederate Stars and Bars flag, one Stainless Banner, one alternative Stars and Bars flag, one last National Flag, and 8 square battle flags. I will probably use the battle flags as if I had to do them I would make them a bit bigger than what seems to be correct.

The paper is good quality, and the basic colors also good. Detail is also very good.

I would thus do not hesitate to once more recommend this product!

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History PhD said...

I've been buying from Stone Mountain for over 20 years and have always had fantastic service and products from them