Tuesday, June 16, 2015

19th Century Black Powder Game at the Club: Pictures

This weekend I did not game, but instead took a stroll in the Beshiktas area of Istanbul. This is one of the more westernized parts of the city as it was close to Pera, where the non-muslim population congregated and the Dolmabache palace, which was the epicenter of the westernization attempts in the Ottoman Empire.

It was a nice walk as I wanted to check out the second Armenian-built Mosque of the city, the Ortakoy Mosque. I arrived at prayer time and as I generally do not like playing tourist while people are trying to communicate with their gods, I decided to visit the inside another time. On the way back I saw some Turkish students of one of the elite high schools in the city celebrating the end of the academic year (High schools are a big big deal in Turkey, with your high school having a big impact on who you will be).

I then went to the club where Onur efendi and Mehmet eendi were playing a Black Powder game inspired by the Second Syrian War. In this scenario the British are attacking a Egyptian defended position. Onur's 1877 Ottomans proxied for Egyptians, and Mehmet's 1815 British for the British. It was a nice looking game. Mehmet will built a battle report in a future date and I will link to it. FOr now here are pictures.

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Phil said...

Nice looking game, love your ground!