Monday, June 29, 2015

Perfidious Albion: Black Sea Clash

Over the weekend me and Doruk efendi played a fictious Black Sea clash. A mixed force of Ottoman Battleships and Cruisers tries to exit the Bosporus into the Black Sea. A Russia squadron of battleships awaits. I was the Russian admiral. Doruk was the Ottoman

Ottoman Force
Admiral Competence 0
Barbaros Heyderin BB, flag
Torgut Reis BB
Mesudiye BB
Mecidiye PC
Hamidiye PC

Russian Force
Admiral Competence +1
Retvisan BB, flag
Petropavlosk BB
Peresvet BB

In the end the superior Russian battleships domianted the battle. The Barbaros Heyderin had to surrunder and the Mecidiye exploded. The Russian ships did receive some good hits. The Ottomans gave up when the Torgut Reis failed to ram the Retvisan.

Initial setup. Russians bottom, Ottomans up.

Grand Project Complete: 8 DBA Armies

I am happy to announce that after 7 years I have completed my DBA grand project. 8 armies in 4 historical matched pairs. DBA was the first miniature wargame I ever started (14 years ago). It remains one of my favorite. I will celebrate the end of this project with a DBA tournament at my Greek Club this summer, and maybe one at the Pegasus club in Fall. 

All 8 armies. DBA is still the system that most respects players with small budgets and small space.

First matched pari: Feudal English vs. Welsh
The English

The Welsh 

Second Matched Pair: Polybian Romans vs. Celiberians
The Romans

The Celtiberians

Third Pair: Later Ottoman Turks vs. Colonial Venetians 
The Ottomans

The Venetians

Fourth Matched Pair: Syrian Dynasties vs. Nikiphorean Byzantines

The Syrian-Kurdish dynasties

The Byzantines

With Respect

Project DBA IV/23 Generic Feudal English

The final army for my great DBA project is done. A generic Feudal English army. It is not correct for DBA 2.2 as I was missing a lot of the miniatures for many of the elements, and I did not want to buy them. Instead i wanted to use what was left over from this long project. So instead it is a IV/23 army in spirit. All units could be in the DBM version of this army. This army is the matched pair to my Welsh

The official list is
1x3Kn(Gen), 3x3Kn, 4x3Bw, 1x4Sp, 2x7Hd, 1x3Cv//3Sp or 2Ps or 4Cb

My version is

1x 3Kn(Gen), 4x3Kn, 2x3Bw, 2x4SP,2x2PS, 1x4Cb

The army in full

Another view

Welsh bowmen and feudal foot levies

Light infantry, mercenary crossbowmen.

Ex-Vangarian guard mercenaries. 


The flower of English chivalry

General's element.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Books Reviews: 19th Century Warfare

A brief review of four five military history titles focused on 19th century conflicts.

Ever since I got my Samsung Tablet and moved from the USA to Turkey, I have started doing most of my book buying on Amazon Kindle. Over the last 10 months I read 5 big military history books. Four were Helion books, and one was from another publisher.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Altar of Freedom: Getting there

I now have almost finished my Altar of Freedom Battle of Gaine's Mill Union Army. Only 7 bases of infantry left, of which I have painted all the miniatures bar standard bearers and officers. So only 21 minis left for the project to end!

Commander base, 1 cavalry unit, 8 artillery units (scenario needs 6)

 Brigadier General Fitz John Porter receives a drum salute 

The whole force to date

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

19th Century Black Powder Game at the Club: Pictures

This weekend I did not game, but instead took a stroll in the Beshiktas area of Istanbul. This is one of the more westernized parts of the city as it was close to Pera, where the non-muslim population congregated and the Dolmabache palace, which was the epicenter of the westernization attempts in the Ottoman Empire.

It was a nice walk as I wanted to check out the second Armenian-built Mosque of the city, the Ortakoy Mosque. I arrived at prayer time and as I generally do not like playing tourist while people are trying to communicate with their gods, I decided to visit the inside another time. On the way back I saw some Turkish students of one of the elite high schools in the city celebrating the end of the academic year (High schools are a big big deal in Turkey, with your high school having a big impact on who you will be).

I then went to the club where Onur efendi and Mehmet eendi were playing a Black Powder game inspired by the Second Syrian War. In this scenario the British are attacking a Egyptian defended position. Onur's 1877 Ottomans proxied for Egyptians, and Mehmet's 1815 British for the British. It was a nice looking game. Mehmet will built a battle report in a future date and I will link to it. FOr now here are pictures.