Saturday, May 30, 2015

Project of Opportunity Completed: Gift Army 15th century Continental European Army

What a happy day. Another project completed, another part of my small lead pile painted. This is a generic 15th century Continental European Army and is a present for one of my friends. You who have been following my blog for a long period will remember seeing this miniatures as a gift Basic Impetus army. The idea was I would paint my friends BI army (Swiss) and he would paint my Milanese opposition. However he got married and had a child, so it was hard to keep up with it. I also moved away from Basic Impetus (going through a second phase of DBA).

Thus I told him to give me the painted and unpainted armies and I would fashion a new and cooler army for him. I decided to use Warmaster basing, as I was looking at that system for more mass-looking battles compared to my DBA. In the end I built the army on the the basis of the Dogs of War and Empire Warmaster lists, but I believe we will be using the army with Hail Ceasar. That said a competent and enterprising player can easily adapt the army to any ruleset they want. The army thus opens the door to multiple rulesets (As opposed to our weird fixation with first getting rules and then building armies for them. )

In Warmaster terms this army is about 1500 points. It is made up of 4 units of Pike ,2 of crossbows, 1 of halbrediers/swordsmen, 3 of Knights, and 1 of Light horse  for a total of 11 units. Added to this are three command bases. Thus its a nice sized army for a fast Warmaster game or a satisfying Hail Ceasar game. 

The miniatures are all Pendraken 10mm, bought at the only historical wargaming convention I have gone to in my life to this point, the SYW one. 

The Whole Army

Light Horse (Mounted Crossbows)

The CnC base




More Crossbows

More Knights

The Pike

More Pikes

More Pikes

And it all fits in a small box. Oi mate what did ye bring for lunch! An army mate! An army!

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