Saturday, May 30, 2015

Project of Opportunity Completed: Gift Army 15th century Continental European Army

What a happy day. Another project completed, another part of my small lead pile painted. This is a generic 15th century Continental European Army and is a present for one of my friends. You who have been following my blog for a long period will remember seeing this miniatures as a gift Basic Impetus army. The idea was I would paint my friends BI army (Swiss) and he would paint my Milanese opposition. However he got married and had a child, so it was hard to keep up with it. I also moved away from Basic Impetus (going through a second phase of DBA).

Thus I told him to give me the painted and unpainted armies and I would fashion a new and cooler army for him. I decided to use Warmaster basing, as I was looking at that system for more mass-looking battles compared to my DBA. In the end I built the army on the the basis of the Dogs of War and Empire Warmaster lists, but I believe we will be using the army with Hail Ceasar. That said a competent and enterprising player can easily adapt the army to any ruleset they want. The army thus opens the door to multiple rulesets (As opposed to our weird fixation with first getting rules and then building armies for them. )

In Warmaster terms this army is about 1500 points. It is made up of 4 units of Pike ,2 of crossbows, 1 of halbrediers/swordsmen, 3 of Knights, and 1 of Light horse  for a total of 11 units. Added to this are three command bases. Thus its a nice sized army for a fast Warmaster game or a satisfying Hail Ceasar game. 

The miniatures are all Pendraken 10mm, bought at the only historical wargaming convention I have gone to in my life to this point, the SYW one. 

The Whole Army

Light Horse (Mounted Crossbows)

The CnC base




More Crossbows

More Knights

The Pike

More Pikes

More Pikes

And it all fits in a small box. Oi mate what did ye bring for lunch! An army mate! An army!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Battle Report: Balkan War battle using Perfidious Albion.

Last week I went to the club and played with Doruk efendi a Ottoman-Greek naval clash in the First Balkan War. I commanded the Greeks while the Ottoman were led by Doruk efendi.

The Ottoman Fleet was made up of three pre-dreadnought battleships (Barbarossa, Torgut Reis, Mesudiye), and two Protected Cruisers (Medjidieh, Hamedieh).

The Greek fleet is made up of three pre-dreadnought battleships (Spetsai, Hydra, Psara), and an armored cruiser (the Averoff).

The battle was massive defeat for the Greeks, as the pictures that follow will show you

Early dispositions, Greeks from the right, Ottomans from the left.

The Ottoman line

The Greek line

The Greek line from the Psara. Averoff leads

The Averoff begins independent action. The goal is to bring the Ottoman fleet in a crossfire between the Averoff and the Greek battleships.

The Ottoman fleets begins maneuvers. 

The Averoff fires on the Ottoman line.

The Greek battle wagons steam towards the Ottoman Line.

The Ottomans begins a U turn to avoid crossfire.

Ottoman guns destroy the steering gear of the Spetsai, lead ship of the greek line.

The Greek fleet turns south following the stricken Spetsai. 

The Ottoman and Greek battle lines meet. While the Averoff continues battering the Ottoman line, but to little avail.

Desperate, the greek admirals orders the battler line to turn to line abreast and charge the Ottoman line.

And is punished as the Ottoman pummel the Psara and lead it to sink.

The Psara sinks.

The Greek line is in dissray, but focuses all fire on the Medjidieh.

This is sunk in due course to the consternation of the Ottoman Admiral.

But they make up for it by hitting the Spetsai in the magazine and exploding it.

leading to Ottoman celebrations!

and much Greek angst.

Things look bad for the Greeks (three ships sunk total, 2 greek ,1 Ottoman)

The Hydra follows its sister ships to the bottom of the sea

More Ottoman happiness. 

The Averoff still tries to fight. The Barbarossa is without guns after being pummeled by the Greek line.

Thus goes for the Ram! And makes it!

The Averoff limps away and fires one last barrage on the Barbarossa in hopes of sinking it. But it only cripples it.

And is sunk in turn by the Ottoman fleet.

Spetsai sunk by magazine hit
Psara sunk by firepower
Hydra sunk by firepower
Averoff sunk by firepower

Medjidieh sunk by firepower
Barbaross Hyderin Crippled (2 guns out, both magazines flooded, only 1 flotation point left)

Commentary: A bad, bad defeat. The Averoff was unable to get damage on the Ottomans (partly because trying to replicate the lack of gunnery training on the Greek ships I penalized its Ammo-Handling....even though historically the Averoff did very well in gunnery). The Ottoman fleet was well led (And lucky :p). I am not completely happy with Perfidious Albion. The minor guns of ships seem to be too powerful. In both of my games my losses were mostly due to E and F guns, rather then A or B guns. The middle guns (C and D) seem to be unable to do much. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Battle Photos: Celtiberians vs. Polybian Romans DBA 2.2

A most balanced affair

It has been a while since the last time I rolled dice in anger, so I decided to take out my DBA armies and fight a solo battle. I decided to fight Celtiberians vs. Polybian Romans. These are two armies that are well matched in DBA 2.2 and guaranteed to give a good game. The Celtiberians ended up being the defenders and the roman the attackers. Since both armies are mostly foot I opted for the 24x24 inches DBA board.

Celtiberians and Republican Romans  by Angus Macbride