Thursday, April 23, 2015

Warhmmer 1000: Dogs of War

Well my warhammer1000 project is moving forward nicely. Only two armies left. Here is my Dogs of War collection. A small force of one heavy cavalry unit, one unit of crossbows, one unit of pikes, a gun and a wizard. 

Frankly, I am looking for different fantasy rules than Warhammer to use this figures with. I have been looking at Kings of War. Well here are pictures. All painted by me. Miniatures are a mix of Perry, Citadel, and Tradition.

The force in full

The crossbows. The pavises are handpainted.

The Pike. I modeled them after Daradjan Pike from Mark Smylie's "Artesia" comics.

The exiled Kislevite Boyar who is the general of the army with his personal bodyguard.

Only Skaven and High Elves are left and this porject will be over. I had great fun painting it, but never got as much gaming from it as I wanted. Well the future is still young!

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