Thursday, April 23, 2015

Warhmmer 1000: Dogs of War

Well my warhammer1000 project is moving forward nicely. Only two armies left. Here is my Dogs of War collection. A small force of one heavy cavalry unit, one unit of crossbows, one unit of pikes, a gun and a wizard. 

Frankly, I am looking for different fantasy rules than Warhammer to use this figures with. I have been looking at Kings of War. Well here are pictures. All painted by me. Miniatures are a mix of Perry, Citadel, and Tradition.

The force in full

The crossbows. The pavises are handpainted.

The Pike. I modeled them after Daradjan Pike from Mark Smylie's "Artesia" comics.

The exiled Kislevite Boyar who is the general of the army with his personal bodyguard.

Only Skaven and High Elves are left and this porject will be over. I had great fun painting it, but never got as much gaming from it as I wanted. Well the future is still young!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gaine's Mill Project Progress Report

Well I had a full month of work, so my hobby work has taken a bit of a back seat. But I have panted the first 8 Union representative regiments for the Altar of Freedom Order of Battle for Gaine's Mill.

Obviously these figures, based on 20mm squares/ 4 figures to a base/ three bases to a unit for Alatar of Freedom, can easily be adapted for Black Powder or Big Bloody Battles. A bit harder for Neil Thomas 19th Century Rules, as I need one more base per unit. 

All miniatures are Pendraken 10mm, for their new ACW range. All flags are hand drawn by me.

The force en masse

The boys in blue!

Method for affixing labels

Representing French's Brigade in Ricahrdson's Division, the 52nd New York Vol. Regt.

Representing Warren's Brigade in Syke's Division, the gallant 5th New York Zouaves

Another view of the 5th NY

The boys the wore green. Representing Meaghar's Irish Brigade of Ricahrdson's Division, the 63rd New York 

White hats and white pants. Representing Bartlett's Brigade in Slocum's Division, the 16th New York

More Zou Zous! (more correctly Chaussers). Representing Newton's Brigade in Slocum's Divisions, the 95th Pennsylvania 

Representing Butterfield's Brigade in Morell's Division, the 83rd Pennsylvania (these guys are FPW Imperial Guard Volitguers/Chaussers. The only miniatures that were a close approximation to the 83rd Penn)

Two more regiments in blue, 9th Massachusetts (Griffin Brig, Morell Div), and 2nd Maine (Martindale Brig, Morell Div)

I also tested how well some of the ACW figures could be used as proxies for other wars in 10mm. I believe that it is doable. 

Pendraken ACW Zouave in Fez painted as the Brazilian Bahia Zouaves of the War of the Triple Alliance

From the back

Pendraken ACW Zouaves in Kepi as Pontifical Zoauves 

From the back

How the units painted look on the terrain board.