Sunday, March 15, 2015

Warhammer 1000: The Empire

Its seems coming closer to completing grand projects is becoming a theme.

I finally did the base flocking for my 1000 point Warhammer Empire Army. With this I have completed 5 armies. Only three are left, Dogs of War, Skaven and High Elves. The figures are almost all Perry 15th century sets, with three GW figures, and one Tradition cannon and crew.

The army is made up of a large unit of Knights (the Hammer) and a firing line of 1 unit of handgunners, 1 unit of archers, two guns, supported by a unit of halbrediers (the anvil).

The whole army

Witchhunter/Captain-Warrior Priest-Wizard

The firing line. Handguners and Archers.


The Hammer, 12 Knights.

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