Friday, March 13, 2015

DBA III/ 19b Welsh

My DBA projects is the oldest continuously running project. The goal is to collect 8 armies of 4 matched pairs for DBA (2.2, probably will update to 3.0).

To date I have painted 4 armies (which you can check out by clicking on the DBA armies label). These were Later Ottomans vs. Venetian Condotta, and Nikiforean Byzantines vs. Dynastic Bedouin. I have also painted a Polybian Roman Army. To these are added armies I painted as gifts to friends (Roman Polybian and Iberian, and a Roxholani Sarmatian Army)

Well I am coming closer to finishing the project. In one of my sales I swapped stuff I had with a painted Welsh Army. It was based for 1.1 but it was not hard to adapt it to 2.2. The painting was not great, but neither bad. Workmanlike. I just redid the basing an painted the shields. So here it is my sixth DBA army.

Like many tribal armies this is an army the needs to use the terrain well. The mainstay are warbands or fast spear, and long bows. 

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