Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year: Gaming and WIP report

Greetings to you all. I wish you a fruitful 2015, one with health, wealth, joy and peace to you and yours!

Over the Christmas and New Year period I went to Greece . During my stay there I mostly played board-games with my old friends. That said I also introduced one of them to Kiss me Hardy. He played the French and I the English and as life has it, it was another of those rare French victories. His 74 gun SOL and frigate succeeded in forcing a British 74gun to strike its colors, while the 80 gun was unable to engage them. My mistake was dividing my line into two ships and trying to cross the T of the French in two points. The result was my ships getting separated. He liked the game very much.

Coming back to Turkey I got back into working on the terrain project for Gaines Mill.

Last time I had used paper towels soaked in white glue in order to fill in the beds of streams and rivers, and also smooth the elevations of high ground.

I then began painting in the rivers. I started from a deep blue and then tried to muddy it with mixes of brown, green and brown ink.

After that I started applying green paint to the panels. I initially used acrylics, but then decided to go with Faber Castel Finger paints (left panel is acrylics, right is finger paints)

I then started flocking the roads using cush-cush

In greece I bought two packs of a german companies basing material. This gave me static grass for the swamps, and sand and flock for the rest of the field. Open areas are where forests will be put in.

Current state of the project

I am not completely happy. Warping has started to appear, and the flock mixed with the sand is too dark for my liking (but maybe realsitic). I ran out of it, which means that one panel and half may have to be flocked after my elections trip in Greece. I will have to buy model trees (probably from Pendraken when I also buy the troops). Its not bad, but I feel a better result could had been obtained if I was in a place like the US or Greece, where hobby supplies are more abundant.  Still, I am not giving up.

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