Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Museum:Athens War Museum

I took the opportunity of a free day, and great weather, to visit the War Museum of Athens. I have visited it in the past, but wanted to see how a long-lasting renovation process had changed it. In simple terms, this has become quite a cool museum and is well worth your time. There is now even a model shop in the museum, and I bought a nice book on the Balkan Wars "Memorabilia of the Balkan Wars: by Vasilios Nikoltsios and Yannis Mylonas. This contains all the illustrations from the Mylonas book on Balkan War uniforms, and tons of other artifacts. It covers all the armies of the wars. A must have and it seems to be only available at the War Museum (in Greek and in English).

The museum covers antiquity to 1974, with special focus on the Balkan Wars, and World War 2. It does not cover the Civil War. It has fewer artifacts than the National Historical Museum, but more pictures and art.

For those of you who might not get a chance to see it, or who would like to check out pictures, here is a massive amount of pictures. I will not put captions beyond some points.

Greek fighter jets parked in the museum's courtyard

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Kiss me Hardy at Athens

On the 23rds me and my friends in Athens, Greece, set up a session of Kiss Me Hardy. We played at the local Kaissa game store in Peristeri. A great and friendly store.

The scenario was set up by me, but not well thought out. A squadron of  4 French SOLs needed to survive 10 turns in an attempt to escape the outer squadron of a British blockade. The outer squadron was made up of  2 SOLs and 2 Frigates. Me and my friend Panagiotis commanded the British, while my friend Peter, 6 or 8 times Greek Warhammer 40k Champion, commanded the French.

I made some mistakes in scenario set up, and the combination of wind behavior and Peter's masterful gaming led to a resounding French victory. All French ships survived (their goal) and while no British ships were sunk, one of the SOLs was badly mauled. We were unable to close to short range and Peter kept the engagement at long and extreme. A frustrating, but still enjoyable game.

French towards you, British away.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Museum: The National Historical Museum in Athens

Here are some pictures from the National Historical Museum in Athens. Located in the building of the Old Parliament , very close to Syntagma square. I will keep commentary to a minimum. The museum is rather small, but rich, thus the perfect 2 hour excursion. Lots of great artifacts.

The old parliament meeting place

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Busy update

Not much I fear on gaming or painting front. This has been two very busy months work wise, and I have not had the ability to even keep the 19th Century Group theme updated, let alone do much on the physical side. That said I did do a couple of small projects.

1) Finished rebasing a 6mm Prussian Napoleonic Collection from 60mmx30mm bases to 20x20mm bases.

2) Painted a portable cloth battlefield for the Bloody Big Battles Velestino Scenario. I can use that to set up a BBB battle anywhere in the world, and it can also be used for others games at the 2,6,10,15mm range scales

3) Begun the Ottoman 1877/1897 project. Two command bases and 4 bases of irregulars done. 38 more bases left.

4) Painted three 6mm Bacchus Houses.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Historical Gaming news from Turkey

Your loyal foreign correspondent has news from the  Sublime Porte!

Last weekend Onur and two other gamers played a Black Powder battle using 1/72 armies based on the Battle of Waterloo

You can read a AAR at this link at Karargah Club.

Onur was nice enough to provide me with some pictures of the game, to make up for the fact that non-members cannot see the pictures on the Club Page.

The French overrun Hougemont and Le Haisainte 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Project Finished: American Civil War US (Union) Army

Good Day to all

I am finally done with my ACW Union army. Initially collected for the Gaine's Mill Scenario for Altar of Freedom the force can of course be used for Black Powder, Neil Thomas Rules, and Bloody Big Battles. Figures are all from the great 10mm range by Pendraken Miniatures

I tried to use the morning light to get some pictures, but they are not that great. I apologize for that.

I have 16 Altar of Freedom Infantry Units, 8 artillery units, 1 cavalry unit, and 3 command bases

In Neil Thomas basing I have 12 infantry units, 1 cavalry unit, and 8 artillery units

In BBB basing, I have 48 infantry bases, 2 cavalry bases, 8 artillery bases, and 3 command bases.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

200th Post: Review and Battle Report: Blucher by Sam Mustafa

Battler Report and game review
Blucher by Sam Mustafa
Image from another site

Ongoing with my theme of grand tactical games, I had the chance to look through and run a solo scenario based on Sam Mustafa’s new rules-set Blucher.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A game of day at Leadhead PhD: BBB Second Pleven 1877, and DBA

A game of day at Leadhead PhD

Last Saturday Onur and me met at my house for a day of gaming. Our goal was to play the BBB scenario of Second Pleven, and also an introductory game of DBA (v.2.2 since I have not had the chance to buy 3.0 yet). 

The result of the battle both in history and in this game

This would be our first full BBB large battle. I had played one large battle in the past (Inkerman with Mehmet) and we have both played some of the smaller scenarios (Nikopol, Velestino, Langasesda). But this would be our first big one. It would also be the first test of my new terrain system. Unfortunately because I did not have the requisite 13 Russian guns, and I did not want to proxy for our first full game, I ended up having only 6 batteries of Russians, plus 1 US Union battery masquerading as a Cossack battery. This means that I made an already asymmetrical battle more asymmetrical. I knew that going in, but I believed in my plan!

The 2nd Battle of Pleven was forced on Baron Krudener by the Grand Duke cnc of the Russian forces operating in Bulgaria. Like most such battles it was a bad battle for the attacker, as the Russians simply did not have enough forces to overran the strong positions of Osman Pasha. As BBB focuses on historical scenarios that asymmetry is still evident (just like in Chess of Hefenltaf) , but Chris balances this with fairly simple objectives for the Russians. If they can take 1 of 7 objectives they get a draw, if they can take 2 they get a victory.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Made some changes to pages

Like Louis XIV and the Low Countries, I too must engage in rationalizing my domains. In this case I have reduced the number of pages for this blog, and combined the resources. Now everything is links to my google drive, and my hope is that this makes it easier for people to access my resources.  If their is any problem just leave a comment and I will look into it.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Some more terrain work and future projects

Not much gaming for the last 30 days. But I did finish a set of hills and other high places. These are all built by my cheap design. I cut several contours of hill from cardboard, glue them together, glue brown hued craft paper on them and glue some sand or static grass on several spaces. It does not produce the best looking terrain in the world but it is cheap and can produce quite a lot.

My intention is to share this with friends who do not have terrain at home, and with the club in Istanbul, which lacks terrain for 10mm and smaller forces. I will also keep some for Greece.

My next terrain project is fortifications and trenches for 10mm games (essentially BBB). I have rifle pits but I want to represent more complex or durable positions. I have decided to use a piece f modelling equipment with which I have little experience which is craft terracota. I hope I do not bungle things up. Any advice - ideas on using it are welcome.

Beyond that my projects for the immediate future are crystallizing. First on the 24th of October me and Onur will play 2nd Pleven from BBB. This will be our first full play of a major battle from BBB (previous games were 2 scenarios of Nikopolis 1877, and an aborted due to time start of 2nd Pleven. I have also soloes Langzelda, and played Velestino with Mortens from Denmark.)

I have ordered 10mm Ottomans for 1877/1897 from Pendraken. I got them so that I can host games for people who have no armies, and so that I can do exhibition games in Greece for the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877/8 or Greek-Ottoman War of 1897. Doing the Greeks is still an issue due to the total lack of Evzone miniatures in 10mm in the market. I tried commissioning a couple in Greece but the sculptors there are more familiar with 28-15mm. If you know a good sculptor who would not be too expensive please get them in contact with me.

On to other projects. Ever since painting my 6mm Napoleonic French I have a hankering for doing a project with them. I told my friend to bring me the rest of my army from Greece and also his Prussians which I will buy off. This would give me two forces for the 1813-1814 period. I think I would like to try doing Liepzig at the Grand Tactical level. Rules-wise a conversation at The Miniatures Pages seems to lead me to think that this is only doable either using Blucher, Grand Armee, Bloody Big Battles or Divisional level Black Powder. Whatever the decisions on the specific rules I am pretty sure this can only be done at my play in a day or two requirements at the division=maneuver unit level.

I have finally decided to get serious about meeting and satisfying my hankering for 17th century warfare. I decided to focus on building one battle of the Thirty Years War. I will make both armies and build the terrain etc. Rules used will be the Captain General's "The Warre Game 1632".

I wanted to do a mid-size battle and one at 6mm figures, as this is a one shot project. However there is a dearth, a dearth I say, of scenarios for the Thirty Years War. Lots of stuff on the English Civil War, but almost nothing but some of the bigger battles for the Thirty Years War. Also the historiography of the war and our image of it is radically changing as English-speaking military historians are starting to read the works done in German, Swedish, Czech etc. This has challenged old pre-conception about how the various sides fought in the war. I thus was also looking for a set of rules that respected the new historiography. This was The Warre Game 1632.

Scenario wise after some searching on the internet that proved unsatisfying, a good chap at The Miniatures Page suggested I take a look at the Playbooks for the GMT Musket and Pike Battle Series. What a genius idea. Not only do the four -five published sets of the series cover about 15-20 battles of the TYW the playbooks with their OOBs are available for free! Even for the out of stock titles. You can get them here. I went through each one of the games set in the TYW and decided to build up the Battle of Fleurus 1622. This battle sees two of the key protestant commanders of the early TYW , the ever opportunistic Mansfeld and the fanatical Duke Christian of Brunswick, defeated by a smaller Spanish Army under Gonsalo Fernande de Cordoba. So it looks like a good quality vs. quantity battle with some interesting characters in the mix. Also the battlefield is not too complex and there is no use of entrenchments.

Beyond these i think I will not expand to any more miniature buying until I am done with these projects. The next big phase will be collecting and doing BBB Konnigratz, which is also when I will do the 1864 Danes. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Old Project resurrected: 6mm Napoleonics

Years ago, and we are talking years ago I made a stab at 6mm Napoleonics from Baccus. Me and a friend bought a Polemos starter set with Prussians and French. The expectation as that I would paint the French and he the Prussians. It did not pan out. He could not find the time or energy for the Prussians, and while I painted most of the French and some of his Prussians, I lost interest as well (no possible opponent). What is more the Polemos rules simply did not work for me. The one test game we did felt flat, and the forces that came with the purchase were simply not big enough to give me the Grand Tactical games I wanted with Polemos. So the project went to the back burner. I did bring the left over french with me to the US, but never really got down to paint them. Until now.

All the Grand Tactical action going on in my gaming life, and the games produced by people playing Sam Mustafa's Blucher got me into a painting mood. Not only that but I am in gap in my 10mm painting right now. All the stuff I had is done and I have yet to order the new stuff. So I sat down and started painting those French. I had with me command, the cuirassiers, and 4 artillery crews. Over this week I finished the first two sets. As with all my post-2013 projects (exception DBA) I use my universal 20 CM square basing. Painting is minimal wargaming standard. I will use these guys with Bloody Big Battles (that can be expanded to the 1813-1815 campaigns without much difficulty), Black Powder,and with Blucher (which I want to give a for). 

Next point is to find the French army (I left it with the friend) buy off the Prussians, and paint the rest of. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

19th Century What Ifs? The Franco-US War of 1866-1868 Part IV: OOB for Franco-Mexican-Texan Forces

OOBs France and Allies 1866

Army of the Republic of Texas
CnC Lieutenant General Jubal Early
1st Brigade-Major General Jo Shelby
Spaight’s Texas Volunteer Regiment-500 men
1st Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-600 men
Shelby’s Volunteer Regiment-800 men
A battery, 1st Texas Artillery

2nd Brigade-Brigadier General P.O.Hebert
2ND Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-600 men
3rd Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-500 men
4th Texas Regular Infantry Regiment-500 men
B Battery, 1st Texas Artillery

Texas Cavalry Detachment-Brigadier General J.E.Slaughter
Sweet’s Cavalry Battalion-150 men
Bradford’s Cavalry Battalion-250 men
1st Texas Cavalry Regiment-400 men
Redeemers Volunteer Cavalry Regiment-135 men
A and B Battery , 1st Texas Light Artillery

Total Army of Republic of Texas: about 3500 Infantry, 1000 cavalry, 16 guns

Many of the units are made up veterans of the CSA. Rather mobile force, lacking in equipment.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

19th Century What Ifs: US vs. France and Mexico 1866 Part III: US OOB

At the start of the war the US has available 5 corps. 2 in the Army of Texas, and 3 in the Army of the Gulf. The two Corps of the Army of Texas (4th and 25th) should be rated Veteran. Of the three corps of the Army of the Gulf, the 16th should be rated veteran, while the 13th and 19th should be rated Average.

US Army of Texas

Friday, September 25, 2015

19th Century What Ifs: US vs. France and Mexico 1866 Part II: Operational Plans

19th Century What if :The Franco-American War 1866-1868
Aka “The Second Mexican War”, “La Guerre per la Follie Napoleon”
Part II

In the previous post I laid out a potential story of how a war between France and the US could come about in the 1864-1866 period. I also postulated some potential forces.  I will now lay out the potential operational plans of Marshall Bazaine and General Sheridan, the commanders on the ground.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

19th Century What Ifs: US vs. France and Mexico 1866

19th Century What if :The Franco-American War 1866-1868
Aka “The Second Mexican War”, “La Guerre per la Follie Napoleon”
by Konstantinos Travlos
Up in TMP a lively conversation has erupted over the possibilities of a war between Napoleon III and the United States of America around the time of the US Civil War. Various alternative scenarios have been offered , some more or less plausible in my view. All are legitimate, but here I would like to present my own scenario and defend its plausibility.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Finishing the 10mm leadpile

Well I finished painting all the superfluous miniatures from my Altar of Freedom Project. They are all Pendraken 10mm, and here is what I did with them (many projects WIP)

First off six bases of French Imperial Guard Voltiquer Division (in post 1860 grab)

ACW Kepi Zoauves painted as Pontifical Zouaves/ Volunteers of West for Wars of Italian Unification or Republican phase Franco-Prussian War

 Extra Generals for AoF, and extra bases for four Union regiments, so that I can use them for BBB and Neil Thomas 19th Century Rules

Two extra infantry units for AOF, one of them of African Americans (the front one)

The first test Confederate unit for AOF.

Brasilian Units for the War of the Triple Alliance. ACW Fez Zoauves as Bahia Zoauves, and ACW Union Infantry as Brazilian Regulars in early war summer grab. 

So a good start of several small projects.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Perfidious Albion: Battle of the Yellow Sea 1904

Not much gaming this month. I have been focused on a) terrain building and b) painting off my 10mm lead pile before putting my new orders in for Pendraken.

Doruk Efendi and me did get together at my place to play a game of Perfidious Albion. We played, once more, the Battle of the Yellow Sea in 1904 from the Russo-Japanese War. I commanded the Russians and he the Japanese.

I hammered away at the Mikasa, but once more despite being crippled it survived (a "lucky" model of a "lucky" ship).

In return the Japanese crippled the Sevastopol and Tsesarevich killing admiral Vitigief (he died in the previous iteration of this battle) and Vice Admiral Ukhtomsky.  They also sank by magazine hits the Poltava and Retvisan. The only Russian succees beyond crippling the Mikasa, was a magazine hit that exploded the AC Kasuga.

A bad defeat, and a bit of a tiring game. I really feel Perfidious Albion is really a game that can handle up to 3-4 ships per side. Beyond that it can grind.

Here are pictures of the action

Russians towards you, Japanese away

Monday, September 7, 2015

Getting there

Coming back from work, I saw in the garbage a rather big slab of what I would term false-wood, like the one they use to cover the top of table. I took and it broke/cut it to a roughly 64x48 parallelogram. I then laid out the terrain I have to day on it trying to recreate 2nd Pleven. Its getting there. I still need more woods, and more fields for the vines, need to flock the level 1 and level 2 stuff I have not flocked, and to cut out pieces for the level 3 terrain. But it is getting there to being serviceable.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Altar of Freedom: First Thoughts , and more BBB Terrain

Since I had laid out my Gaine's Mill setup, I decided to sit down and run the Altar of Freedom scenario so I can get hang of the rules.

The game ended with a Minor Tactical Defeat for the Union, close to the historical outcome. The Union lost two brigades, one being Cooke's cavalry (which as in history made a desperate charge to plug a hole). The Confederates lost one.

All in all from a first view I can say this is a fun set of rules for grand tactical battles, but I cannot say I have gotten their measure yet. Unlike BBB, BP and NT 19th Century Warfare Rules, this is not a game that gives you it full in solo. The bidding process and Turn Clock truly makes the game very tense, and there were moments were I said to myself "if I did not know what the other side was bidding, I would be toast". It nicely creates a feeling of Fog of War. The General traits really make each commander unique, and require careful management of personalities, an element I consider important to simulate in grand tactical games.

Game wise Brigades are really hard to kill here. Thus massive victories will be rare. Especially units situated in good ground are really hard to dislodge. Artillery is a killer if you can get in canister range.

A good comparison with BBB points out the following. BBB has a more sophisticated terrain system. AoF a more sophisticated CnC system. Both produce good amounts of friction, but I think AoF is a bit more tense. BBB has a more sophisticated combat resolution system, while AoF a more simpler one. To be frank part of this is due to the fact that BBB covers many more wars and tactical styles then AoF. I cannot be sure 100% but I think AoF produces the faster game.

I have a feeling that a mix between AoF and BBB would be the best representation of 19th century grand tactical warfare.

The field around 8 o'clock. Porter will order the steady withdrawal of his forces in the cover of the night.

The disposition of forces at the end and axis of Confederate attacks (Boatsawain Swamp as in history became a major obstacle for the Confed).

The breakthrough point!

Boatswain Swamp full of 9 Confederate Brigades

AP Hill's division was check by Syke's throughout the battle.

I also worked more on terrain for BBB and other battles. I flocked a bit the cardboard's and built a system for designating steep slopes. I dare say it starts looking serviceable. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Revisiting Gaines Mill

As a way to rekindle my drive for this project, I laid out the terrain and units, using my Russians as proxies for the Confederates. The thing looks good. Cannot wait to get back to collecting and painting armies.

The filed laid out, seen from the Union lines

The units that come as reinforcements (by mistake I put one Union division in that comes are reinforcements)

A view along the green hell that is Boatswain's Swmap

The Union lines seen from Longstreet's division. The difficulties the terrain would give to an attacker seem evident.

The Union line with the the Divisions of AP and DH Hill coming towards them.

A wall of flesh and steel.

Looking from the bottom of the swamp towards Morrell's entrenched division.

From Morell's division to across the swamp.

Another view of the board with the initial forces deployed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BBB Modular Terrain

The biggest challenge with playing BBB is the terrain, which can be demanding. I have been grappling with how to create a modular terrain system that would permit me to run most of the actions of the game, without needing to create unique tables for each battlefield.

The most challenging element is elevation. Chris Pringle uses up to three elevation levels and most of the scenarios see anything from 20-90% of the table covered in hills, ridges etc.

Now Chris has some suggestions on how to tackle hills and you can read them at his blog, here.

My own method is based on roughly rectangular pieces of cardboard cut to different sizes and glued with green, brown, and deep brown paper. The goal is to have a inventory of pieces that can be used to build different battlefields. They do not look nice, but they are cheap to make. Also you can easily make them look nicer by gluing sand, foilage etc on them (this will happen little by little). For steep slopes I think I will use the tactic I use for rifle pits and entrenchments and create little sticks with rocks etc, which can denote a steep slope.

I still need tons of green (lvl 1), brown (lvl 2) and dark brown (lvl 3) peices, but here they are used to represent Solferino and Beaugency.

Again, no work of art, but its a start. Foilage, steep hill indicators and sand will make them look cooler.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dr. Leadhead's plans for 2015/2026

Conquer the world

No, wait that is the wrong reality.

Get published.

No, wait that is a given standard operating procedure in this career.

Well, now that we have the insanity out of the way, wargaming-wise the 2015-2016 academic year is going to be lean. 1) I really do need to get published, which means I have to ramp up manuscript production 2) I recently moved and need to buy house stuff as well as renew my wardrobe. 3) Thanks to the politics of certain parties the Turkish Lira is in a very bad position vs the dollar/euro/pound. Which means that a) My student loans from Uncle Sam bit quite hard this year b) Getting stuff from out of Turkey (And for historical minis you have no choice), is going to be expensive.

Never fear though! We did not let a sprained leg stop our Prospectus defense! We shall not let miserly economics stop our wargaming addi...hobby.

First of all the paintbrushes are always working finishing minor projects of opportunity from last year. My newest addition are three bases of 10mm Pendraken Union Cavalry, that has been painted as green clad cavalry that will see double use in 19th century battles as Russian Dragoons/ Greek Cavalry for the 1868-1908 period. I now have enough Russian cavalry for all published BBB scenarios on the Russo-Turkish War of 1877, and enough Greek cavalry for all the scenarios for 1897.

I have also decided this will be the year of terrain. I am working on 

a) a modular system that will permit me to do an adequate job at representing the various Altar of Freedom and Bloody Big Battles scenarios (obviously it would work for Black Powder and any other small scale games). Pics will have to wait pay-check and some work.

b) I did start working on various fortifications for the above games. I am loosely using the techniques 
detailed at the Altar of Freedom page. Because of that it takes me more time to get the result I want compared to them. But still not that much more time.  I have started with Rifle Pits (about 15 of them), and will built entrenchments, and then fortifications.

Here are some pictures of my rifle pits with 10mm Pendraken Union infantry and artillery manning them.

The work in progress

I am also building towns and villages for BBB. Nothing fancy, and all at the 3mm scale (I prefer the savings and I play grant tactical anyway). This does mean either building more Altar of Freedom paper terrain houses (a very very frustrating process) or buying 3mm or 2mm models. We will see. I have enough buildings and bases for about 7 towns or 8 villages.

What about big projects? Well as I said no money so no funny so I am keeping myself to two and only two big projects.

A) Finish my Altar of Freedom Battle of Gaines Mill. I am almost done with the Union, needing to just add command elements to 6 brigade stands. Then I have to do the confederates. A major decision is whether I go for 4 figures pet base, like the Union or 3 figures per base. I have 18 figures of confederate infantry left over from making one of the Union brigade bases.I would need 25 brigade bases for the Confederates. The way I make them (3x20mm squares per base) I would need

i) If I go 3 figures per base, 225-215 figures or roughly 7-8 Pendraken bags

ii) If I go 4 figures per base 300-290 figures or roughly 10 Pendraken bags

The difference in money is not huge, but at 1 Lira to 3 Pounds it can ramp up if added to all the other costs in life. And from what I understand Rebel brigades were bigger than Union ones, so I cannot justify the difference in miniatures due to history. Well decisions, decisions as they say.

B) Prepare to host the BBB Domokos scenario in Greece this summer, if possible at Domokos itself. This requires a portable gaming area which I have done. I would prefer to had this printed on cloth (at the last MPSA I saw people that did that with their posters and it looked soooo coool), but in the end I hand-painted the map on hard paper. I used crayons and the differences in colors at some point are due to me not being careful, and having to change crayon boxes midway in the work. Still it is done, and it is portable. I still need to figure out how to portray the woods of the scenario map in a portable way. Probalby will use clumbs of foilage. 

Miniatures wise I need to armies, the Ottomans and the Greeks. In both cases I will use 3 minis per base, as this is he era of open order tactics.

For the ottomans I would need 44 bases of infantry, 2 bases of cavalry, and 4 of artillery.

In total  132 infantry miniatures, 4 cavalry miniatures, and 4 guns. This army will also be used for 1877. Roughly 4-5 Pendarken bags, 1 calvary bag, and 2 artillery bags. Probably a good start would be the 1877 Ottoman Army pack.

For the Greeks I would need 26 infantry bases, 2 evones bases and 4 artillery bases. I have the 2 cavalry bases. For the infantry I think I will use War of the Pacific Infatry in Kepi and Jacket mixed with Danes for 1864 in greatcoat, as the greeks seem to wear those two items in battle.  The main issue are the Evzones as nobody is producing 10mm Evzones. I am trying to get Pendraken to do it, but it will take time.

Figure wise I would need 78 infantry figures, 6 evzones, and 4 guns. Roughly 3 Pendraken bags, and 2 artillery bags. I may try to get this a custom pack, maybe trying to convert zouaves to get evzones.

As a project this is not too expensive or time consuming, and I think my next purchase is going to be the greeks. And that is it. There are some projects of opportunity going on, but for major projects, just these two.