Saturday, December 20, 2014

Terrain Project, Gaines Mill from Altar of Freedom

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While I am slowly warping up the Army lists for 1877, painting the last elements of the Russian Line Division in 10mm that I have, and trying to advance the Warhammer1000 project to conclusion, here are some pictures of a work in progress.

It is the battlefield for the Battle of Gaines Mill, during the American Civil War in 1862. I have used the Altar of Freedom scenario map as the basis. I do not know how Altar Freedom plays, since I did not get a chance to run a scenario. My goal is to collect the forces for that scenario in 10mm. But one thing I can definitely say that Altar of Freedom has going for it, is its scenario structure. Very few games actually try to fit whole battles on 3x3,4x4 and 6x4 tables, but Altar of Freedom is one of those.

For someone with the space and travel issues I face this is godsend. For the first time I can actually try and enjoy the terrain modelling part of the hobby. Not only that but the battlefield is small enough that it is portable.  Bravo to the guys who wrote the scenarios.

I built the battlefield using 6 roughly 1 foot squares build from cardboard. Elevations were done with adding cardboard layers, and I cut streams, the lake and river into the cardboard. Here is the result for the time being, with my Russians presenting the full Union force for the battle.

The problem starts now. Many of the terrain material people take for granted in the US are really hard to find in Turkey. Spray paints, flock, model trees are all things that are hard to find. Which has led me to a concurdum of how to proceed. One idea was to use white glue to glue paper which then I can paint green on the field. Trees I will probably order from Pendraken or Bacchus. The other option is to paint everything with acrylics as is. But that will take time and not sure if the result will be worth it. Also expensive. We will see. I am going to Greece in december, and Hobby shops there are well stocked. Obviously I cannot bring spray paints back in my hand luggage. But flock can be mine. We will see and I will kep you posted.

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Robert De Angelis said...

I have now played at least 3 games using altar of freedom and a further 3 games using the command and control system from AoF and the combat from "snappy Nappy" for Napoleonic games. The AoF rules are extremely innovative. You first have to get all ideas of tactical control out of your head. That's not your job. you are directing corps and divisions The use of the variable clock and the bidding take a few turns to sink in but when it does the sensation of controlling a mass of troops on a very large battle field is immensely satisfying. I strongly recommend them. Best attempt at variable turn lenghts I have seen.

Robert De Angelis said...

Further to my post. You can get trees on E bay from everestmodels in China. I pay around 5 pounds GB from 100 trees of 35 to 55 cms tall. You can see them at Not only are they rediculously cheap but they are individually wound , good quality, and great service. I normally receive my here in Spain within 10 days of ordering. Of course they have no weight and postage is very low for a small parcel.

Tomo said...

The cardboard terrain is excellent! I'll have to have a go at that especially considering I'm trying my first ImagiNations project in 10mm-ish scale... RISK boardgame miniatures.

I'll be following the progress of your project closely.