Sunday, November 23, 2014

1877 Russians, and some other stuff

A good old update from me. Lots of stuff, starting with Kiis me Hardy and ending with Russians for 1877-8

The second revision of the 1877-8 Russo-Ottoman War army lists for Black Powder is stalled a bit due to research demands. The lists are done, and so is one of the scenarios, but I still need to write up the other four.

I got in a game of Kiss Me Hardy with Doruk at the Karagh Club in Istanbul. I ran a simple 2 vs 2 scenario. Two British 74 guns (1 elite, 1 average) vs. a French 80 gun and a French 74 gun (both average). The scenario was that the Brits were part of blockading squadron and that the French were trying to break it. The British would get 3 VP for each captured French, 1 VP for each sunk (the prize! the prize!). The French would get 3 for each ship that escaped, 1 for each british ship that has sunk or struck the colors. I played the French,

Initial set up. The French must escape from the corner in the back of the british.

The French give the British broadsides.

One of the French ships crosses the British T. Alas the dice were not in favor of the Republic

The French making a dash for it

One of the French ships is boarded by the British and taken. The other unwisely decides to stay around and fight rather than run (I rolled a dice).

We ended the game with one French ship taken, One British ship malued, the other British shape in bad shape, and the last Frenchmen ok. Since the two last ships found themselves with the wind straight ahead we called it a day. British Minor Victory.

End Situation

FRN Formidable: Taken, 38/80 hull points left 
FRN Heros: Foremast Destroyed, 56/74 Hull points left
HMS Minotaur : Officer Casualties, Foremast Destroyed, 20/74 Hull Points Left
HMS Defence: 53/74 Hull points left.

Beyond that I finished a test paint of 1/72 Union troops for the American Civil War. Onur gave me this miniatures. I will paint them and probably give them back, as they do not really catch my fancy.

The most important update is that I finished roughly 3/5th of my Russian Division for 1877/1878

I know have the full divisional allotment of artillery (6 batteries),

a Hussar regiment for support,

two full line regiments of three battalions each, which make up one of the two brigades of a Line Infantry Division,

a Elite Battalion (painted as Guards)

Which in Black Powder gives 7 Infantry Units, 6 artillery units, and 1 or 2 cavalry units. I am missing command stands, but that should be taken care of in the near future. My goal is to be done with it before 2015.

Here is the Brigade deployed for battle, trying to take a hill. One regiment is moving towards a set of fields in Attack columns for a flanking maneuver. The other one is going down the hill through the valley, and up the other one in mixed formations of attack columns and skirmishers. The Elite battalion is deployed in line and softening up the enemy. Half the artillery supports the flank maneuver of the first regiment, while the other half the frontal attack. The Hussars guard the artillery. 

The brigade leaves the safety of its hill.

One regiment works the flanks, while the other deploys forward under fire.

The Elite battalion leads, with its Berdan's doing good work in the fire-fight

An aerial view of the whole fromation

The first regiment in a supported line of attack columns (the command stands are for the eyes, as opposed to integral for the game)

Artillery in support.


The second regiment in mixed formations and proceeded by a battalion in line.

I cannot wait to use this guys in battle. The Pendraken miniatures are perfect, having a balance if detail to abstraction that I like. Some of the units could be used with command swaps for Latin American wars. 

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