Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First real gaming in Istanbul

Taking advantage of Bairam, I went downtown today and played too games at Karagah gaming club situated at Pegasus Store in Beshiktas. 

A ship passing the Bosphorus 

In our first game I taught Onur Kiss My Hardy using a simple scenario. A squadron of two British 74 gun 3rd rates and a squadron of two French Republican 74 3rd rates, meet for battle. Both had elite crews. 

In the end it was a tie, as one French ship was boarded and captures, while one of the British struck. The only ship left with guns was one of my 74s. All in all a nice fast game of Kiss me Hardy.

In our second game, Onur taught me Black Powder and we tried my Army Lists for the Russo Turkish War of 1877-78 (you can find these in the pages section of my blog). We set up a simple scenario of a Russian assault on a Ottoman redoubt.

The Russian force was made up of two brigades of 3 units each (representing Battalions), or Regular Infantry.

The Ottoman defenders were a force of 4 units. A Veteran Nizam Battalion, two Regular Nizam Battalions, and a unit of artillery, representing two Krupp guns.

Thus a force of about 3000 Russians were attacking a entrenched force of 1000-1600 Ottomans.

We used Onurs, 1/72 Napoleonic Birtish as proxies. I commanded the Russians and Onur the Ottomans. We used halved ranges due to the table size. With a resounding URRAHH, I sent my assault columns against the redoubt. The Ottomans held there fire until the Russian masses were within the range of the Martini Peabodies. 

Despite the Ottoman rifle fire and artillery fire the Russian columns were able to push forward (thanks to the Stubborn Rule).

And where able to overrun the redoubt. 


The game was an interesting experience. It went by fast, and was fun. List wise, we came to the conclusion that the Stubborn rule for the Russian Regular Infantry might be too much. I also think that using halve ranges for this conflict is problematic. The Russians were able to get really close to charge distance with little shooting against them, which does not fit with the narrative of the war I have read.

That said the game did indicate that Russian masses will overwhelm a defensive position if they can reach it. We were generally happy with the Ottoman Rules.

I am really looking forward to exploring this war more in game-form.

Well that is it for this month! Have fun!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad that you got a chance to play. Hopefully these games were just the first of many more to come.

-- Jeff

Phil said...

Nice looking games, love the ships!

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

How did Onur like the KMH rules?


Konstantinos Travlos said...

Jedd and Phil thank you for your comments. If you ever come by Istanbul drop a line.

Vol, he liked them very much, and will definitely check out other TFL products.