Sunday, September 21, 2014

Solo Gaming in Istanbul


So I decided to play some games in Istanbul. While there are indeed some good game clubs here, they are an hour and a half away from where I live (NiƟsantepe). So most of my gaming has been solitaire affairs.

First I played a couple of games of the excellent , but also at times aggravating Cruel Necessity.

Then this week I set up and played a terrain less game of DBA pitting the Venetians against the Ottomans (seemed appropriate). The Ottomans won 3-2 when they isolated the Venetian general's element with light cavalry. I had forgotten how deadly light horse is to knights. Onwards now to make some 2d terrain. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Best game-store in America, and my move to Istanbul

It has been a bit since I last posted on the blog. I have finally moved to Istanbul for my Assistant Professor job, so I got no gaming in beyond some board-wargaming in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. And I am still in the settling in business here. If you are in Istanbul or, know of wargamers in the city, contact me. I live in Cekmekoy (Nisantepe) so a bit far from the city proper, but hopefully it will not be too hard to get around.

I do want to sing the praises of Galactic Comics and Games in Statesboro, Georgia. By far one of the best game stores I have frequented in my life. Galactic has a good collection of comics, fantasy and historical wargames, and are always happy to bring in special orders. They also are willing to keep the store open late, so that people can get their gaming fix in the weekday. While everybody in the store is great to interact with, the center of the wargaming activity is Keith Brown. Keith is very energetic, always willing to play a game, and can transfer his enthusiasm to you. He run the Irish who crushed me in SAGA so many times. He is also a swell guy! So if you are ever in that part of Georgia, make sure to stop by Galactic!Great comics, great games!