Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update for March-April:Gaming

My my that was a demanding month. I did two presentations at ISA which ate up all my time in March and April, so not a lot of game time (relative to the recent past for me)

That said I did get a chance to play some SAGA. Once more I was crushed by Keith's Irish warband, once more at the very last minute losing victory. I swear they got the luck of the Irish!

We played a raid scenario in which the Irish force needs to raid a hamlet while the defenders (my anglo-saxons played as anglo-danes here) need ot defend it, but arriving sequentially. We played of course at Galactic Comics and Games, our friendly local games store. 

The armies arrayed, the Irish in the foreground.

The forces from the other side.

Unit of warriors

My warlord and more warriors of table 

The Irish Hearthguard clashes with my warriors. 

The village levy driven back by the war-dogs, while "Bud Spencer" moves towards one of the houses.

Warriors clash with warriors at the center of the village

My warlord and his entourage arrive to flank the Irish

But the Irish dice are lucky

@%#$ lucky

A mad attempt by my warlord to kill the Irish warlord fails

And the Irish kill him. That said this was a bloodbath. Only "Bud Spencer" and "Terrence Hill" and the warlord, plus some dogs were left for the Irish, while three of my warriors also survived. End point is the Irish won....Again

I also got a chance to play some board-games

Here is Victory of the Pacific 

And here is the introductory scenario 

I also got a chance to go to Gnomecon

were they had a pretty cool Star Trek:Attack Wing game with large up models on the floor!

and lots of warmachine

I also visited Fort Jackson. Definitely worth a visit 

and recorded the cannon fire demonstration

So not that much gaming, but definitely some fun


History PhD said...

Did you go across to Ft. St. Philip?

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Ft. St.Phillip? No I am afraid not.