Thursday, April 17, 2014

April-March Painting

Painting wise I finished my second battalion of Napoleonic French Infantry. So now I have a nice small force. One thing that hit me is that absent a game store, I will not have the space for a large formation. I have decided to thus paint only one more battalion for my French. I must say I fear the some of the people who chide players on the TMP for playing with small 28mm armies, must really be oblivious of the space issues. If in line my two battalions would easily take up 2/3rds of the space of my 48 by 46 tables, and I am not sure they would not be huge even for my local games stores tables. This has validated to me the decision to only do 28mm at most at the Brigade level, since that gives a good feel for me and could be played on my smaller portable tables.

A close up of a fusiler company (missing one figure)

 The battalion in company column with skirmishers deployed 

The two battalions. The 1st deployed in line with skirmishers forward, the 2nd in column of attack

A close up of the converted command stand

Vine la Emperuer! Viva la Frnace! Mort a les roch beef! 

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