Saturday, January 25, 2014

The First Blog post for the new year

Good evening to all and welcome to Leadhead, PhD

In this blog post I will regale you with Dr. Leadhead's escapades over the academic winter break and during the first two weeks of the new academic semester.

Over the break I visited home. I did not get the chance to do any painting or miniatures gaming, but did get to play some of my board-wargames (Napoleon in Triumph, Great War at Sea: in the Mediterranean).

(what a beautiful game) 

Back in the states I visited Galactic Comics & Games at Statesboro for two gaming sessions. In the first one I once more got crushed by the Irish in Saga. The Scenario was Sacred Ground.

The initial setup. My goal was to horde the two hills. I took two units of warriors (10 each) one of levies. The Irish fielded 1 unit of sling levies (12), 1 unit of hearth-guard (6) , 1 unit of warriors, a two of their uber-bodyguards.

The battles for the hills were ferocious. Once more my Levy proved to be the most deadly unit in my army.

And once more the uber-bodyguards proved to be my bane.

In the end my warlord fought a desperate three way duel!

But alas he fell to the Irish warlord and the body-guard that looks like Bud-Spencer! Cursesssss! Next time!

In the second session I helped a new player learn Saga (in a game against said Irish). After that, me and the owner of the Irish (also co-owner of the store) played a nice game of Kiss Me Hardy. I played the french and had an Elite crewed 74 gun (Fougoueux), an average crewed 74 gun (Heros), and an elite crewed 80 gun (Bucentaure). He played the biritsh with two Elite crewed ships, the 98 gun Dreadnought and the 74 gun Spartiate.

In the battle that followed the French decision to concentrate fire on a specific ship, favorable winds, the loss of the Spartiates rudder, and the British decision to change targets gave the French a rare victory when the might Dreadnought striked the colors.

The French ships are in the south of the picture, The Bucentaure is in the left, the Heros in the middle, and the Fougeuex in the right. The British are led by the Spartiate.

After tacking the British ships close in on the two French 74s, while the Bucentaure stars circling the developing melee and blasting the English.

I do not expect Cpt. John Conn to be punished for his decision, since the ship had been turned into a wreck by then.

Final butchers tally

Gunnery Factors left : 3/9
Damage Points Lost 40%
Movement Lost: 2 boxes
High Officer Causalities

Gunnery Factors left : 4/9
Damage Points Lost 35%
Movement Lost: 3 boxes
Lost Foremast

Gunnery Factors left : 7/10
Damage Points Lost 19%
Movement Lost: 1 box

HMS Spartiate
Gunnery Factors left : 1/9
Damage Points Lost 58 %
Movement Lost: 3 boxes

HMS Dreadnought
Gunnery Factors left: 1/9
Damage Points Lost 54 %
Movement Lost: 6 boxes
Mainmast Destroyed 

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