Saturday, December 14, 2013

Russian Battleships of the Battle of the Yellow Sea

Good Day Friends! 

As promised here are some pictures of the Russian Battleships that took part in the Battle of the Yellow Sea 1904 during the Russo-Japanese War.

I had posted pictures of the Tsesarevits (A GHQ model) and here I am posting the rest of the ships. These are all War Times Journal Rapid Prototype models. They are very nice models and easy to paint. No flash, not need to glue parts together. A joy to paint. The only thing I would caution people with is that these are fragile in the smaller things like cannon barrels or air circulation funnels. So definitely handle with care. That said that is a minor condition. I can happily recommend these to anyone interested in the pre-dreadnought era. 

All the ships together.

A view of the fleet with  a Peresvet class battleship in the foreground

The Pobeda and the  Peresvet. They truly look like castles of steel.

Business end of the Peresvert class. 

The Petropavlovsk calss battleships Sevastopol and Poltava 

Another view

The american-built one of kind battleship Retvizan, the Russian hero-ship of the Battle of the Yellow Sea

Another view!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A change in title

I have finally deposited with success my dissertation and will be awarded a PhD in Political Science from my graduate school. This has been a long family and personal goal and after a 5 year period it has been attained. To reflect this I have decided to change the title of this Blog. The URL is still the same , so you should be able to find it whenever you need!