Friday, November 8, 2013

Gaming Update at Phd Leadhead : Saga and Federation and Empire

Good day to all!

I got the chance to put some gaming in these last two weeks. On Halloween I went to Galactic Comics to enjoy some Saga. Fresh from my double victories the week before, I took on the undefeated Irish warband of Keith, one of the store owners. The fight was going to be a good old set piece battle! With a cry of "Gomitme"! I arranged my shieldwall on a gentle hill.

I had
1 Unit of 12 Levies
2x Units of 10 Warriors
1 Unit of four warriors hidden away from the front line for dice generation.

He had

2x Bodyguards
1 Hearth-guard of 6 miniatures
1 Unit of 7 hounds (counts as warriors)
1 Unit of 8 Warriors

The two war-bands arrayed 

 The view from the Anglo-Saxon line, with my warlord exhorting the men!

The shield-wall from the Irish point of view.

I opened up with a decisive advance of the shield wall. 

One of my warrior units was attacked by the Irish Hearth-Guard and the Warlord. The battle did not go well for them and they lost 6 men to combination of Irish swords and javelins. Meanwhile my other Warrior unit also lost two men to Javelins.

My Levy crashed into the Hearth-guard and using repeated attacks devastated it, leaving only 2 of 6 hearthguards alive in exchange for 2 Levies. Meanwhile my larger warrior unit killed one of the Irish bodyguards, at the cost of two Warriors.

The battle saw a lull, as I pulled my 3 unit warriors back to save the saga dice, and the Irish warlord stayed away from the levy which finished off the hearth-guard. T

hat said the significant losses incurred meant that a lot of my battle-board abilities were lost to me. 

And my dice were no exactly helpful! 

My remaining forces were sandwiched between the two Irish warrior units. Meanwhile the remaining bodyguard was making sport of my attempts to kill him.

Javelins finished off my 3 warrior unit, costing me a saga dice.

My warlord and 4 warrior unit forced the bodyguard back, while my levies gave the Irish dogs a bloody nose, at a price though! 

Since this is VP game, I sent my Warlord off to try and kill the remaining Irish Warriors, while javelins reduced my warrior unit to one brave but battered man.

My plan failed! as my attacks failed to go through

The enemy closes on my battered forces! 

While the hounds and javelins destroy my remaining units.

The Irish bodyguard comes forward to claim glory, and he and my warlord match sword to axe! 

Alas, tis not the day for Saxon Arms. My warlord falls and I lose the game, with Keith's Irish remaining undefeated in their 11th game!

That weekend I went to  a Halloween party. I dressed up (or tried to do so) as Emperor Maximilian of Mexico. 

This week I sat down to play the introductory scenario for the ADB strategic war-game "Federation and Empire". The scenario was the "Squall" which is a one turn learning scenario pitting the Kzniti and Lyran polities. The game is a contradiction. The basic game is a fun game with fairly simple rules, but it becomes marred by the many special rules, special units etc. That said I went though the two player turns of the first game turn, and did the economy phase fully since I may play a couple more years of the war in order to learn the rules better.

The game began with a massive Lyran invasion of Kzinti space, and battles around the border battle stations. The Kzin lost the  three stations on the boarder and two of their provinces had Lyran unit in, but were able to take advantage of the massive retreat of crippled units from the Lyran side to kick out most of the lyran foces into the border region.

The map shows the situation at the end of the 1st Game Turn. Both the Kzinti and Lyrans have new fleets in their capitals. One Kzinti province is under Lyran control, while the Kzinti fleets have amalgamated and are situated with hexes containing a Starbase and a Battle Station. The Lyran forces are mostly concetrated in the ex-neutral zone between he two empires. The next turn they will probably make a try against the Kzinti fleet at the starbase.

The two forces at the end of the first game turn. The Lyrans suffered a massive amount of crippled unit that have been concentrated in a Lyran fleet deep in Lyran territory for repair. The Kzintis have also done this. If one counts only battle-ready fleets than the Kzinti are doing well. But the Lyrans do outnumber them in number of available units. 

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