Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saga and Warhammer!

Good Day to all

Last Thursday I played two Saga games with my anglo-saxons. I won both, which were the first single victories I have had since I started Saga. Feeling indebted to my little plastic toy warriors, I decided to begin painting them. So here is the first picture with the Warlord and Four miniatures that could stand for hearthguard/ thengs. They are Gripping Beast Plastics, which are well worth their money. I have another 30 to paint for my 4 pt warband.

Game wise at 4 pts initially I ran 3 units of warriors 8 each, and a unit of 12 spear-armed levy. This turned out risky as the units of warriors are too fragile. Now I play 2 units of 10 warriors, a unit of 4 warriors (for the Saga-dice) and a unit of 12 spear armed levy. This list was the winning list in the two games. Essentially this is an attrition list in which you lunch continuous attacks on the same target to kill it off. You usually outnumber the enemy which helps. Also because the unit of warriors are bigger, they benefit from Anglo-Saxon abilities longer than 8 member units, and keep your saga dice at the magical 5 longer.

I am also slowly working on finishing my 1000pt Beastmen Army for my Warhammer1000 project. Here is the warlord. Nothing to write home about, but an adequate figurine

Game wise, I have being reading the Perfect Captains rules for Iron-Bow II (+ Strongbow) and for Hoplomachia. The Captain always has good rules and I want to try it. A new principle I am playing with is that if I just want to try the rules and not invest in painting armies, I will play them in 1/72. This way I can create huge armies cheap, and 1/72 does not look as bad unpainted as the other scales.

That is all! Good gaming and painting to all!


Bluebear Jeff said...

If you just want to "try out" rules, consider using the free download to print paper soldiers (for many periods) at the Junior General website:

-- Jeff

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Jeff, that is a good idea but I do want the 3d. The other bing plus of 1.72 is that you could create big bettles at low cost. Only 6mm can match it at that, and you need to paint 6mm :)