Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saga in Statesboro

I finally got a chance to play some miniature wargaming. Every Thursday night a good group gets together at the Galactic Comics store in Statesboro and plays historical miniatures wargames. I finally got a chance to join them. We played SAGA, a game I have decided to invest in a bit. I used my Warhammer Beastmen as proxy Pagan Rus. We played a free for all 4 player scenario (feast of crows I think). The other players had Welsh, Normans, and Caroligian Frank. I deployed with the Normans in front of me and the Welsh on my left. There were sheep as well. 

The Welsh and their mascots.

The Normans in a really scary formation. 

My warriors looking at archers and crossbows.

Game begins with the Frankish and Norman horse coming unto me, after a volley of Norman arrows. 

Freaked out I used some good dice to activate two nasty Pagan Rus ability. One limits movement and missile ranges, and the other lowers the armor of mounted models. The Welsh took advantage of it and hacked into the Franks.

While my boys braced for the Norman cavalry charge

To make a long story short, the Norman cavlary hacked my warriors to pieces. Then it hit my hearth-guard unit. Glorious bloodshed ensued, which I lost. 

Immediately then I sent my Warlord against the Norman Warlord and the remaining Norman Knights.

After some heroic slashing and hacking my warlord fell!

Bored of getting shot to death by the Normans :) , I sent the other hearthguard to fight the welsh, for the hell of it.

It did not end well !

In the end I ranked number 3 in killing. 

The game was awesome and good fun. Saga is easy, fun and simple, but produces some interesting choices!


Pantelis Ntovas said...



Sheep? Do you press space and they turn to super-sheep?

Really, Vice Admiral Ravlots, my old friend?

Sean said...

Looked like fun. I liked the use of of the Beastmen.