Friday, September 27, 2013

More Saga

Yesterday I got in two more games of SAGA at Galactic comics and games in Statesboro. I decided to try some of the fantasy boards created on the internet which I have found at this excellent German blog SAGA Fantasy Battle-boards . My fellow players were nice enough to let me use them so it was great. Miniature wise until I find the time and money to get some more appropriate minis, I have been press-ganging my Warhammer Beastmen.  Which is fine by me !

The first game was against a Byzantine warband and it was a game of Escort. He had to escort three pieces of baggage (a magic sword, a cow, and a magic book :p), across the board from his edge to my edge. I played Mordor organised into a large group of Hearthguard, a large group of warriors , and my warlord. 

The Byzantines sent a small unit of mounted kavallaraioi (Hearthguard) to tackle my Hearthguard, while the rest offered close escort to the baggage. My warriors moved to block that escape path. 

My warlord got peppered with arrows which though did not hurt him. The idea of man-flesh and horse-flesh for dinner excited my creatures!

The kavallaraioi charged into my warrior unit  but were driven back by their bestial rage. 

Another tussles and my warriors got their taste for man-flesh and horse-flesh satiated (Come on it was a funny scene in the Two Towers movie adaption: MAAANN FLESSSSHH)

In the end though a combination of his warlords suicidal bravery, and single-mindedness to save the baggage, gave the game to the Byzantines!

The second battle was a bit more to my liking. A Challenge! A mighty clash of two warlords to see who is more badass. As per rules the two warlords start close to each other, while their peeps are on the sidelines, rushing to join in the glorious carnage. I played the Goblin Battle board while my opponent was an Irish warband, which also had dogs. My warband was made of two units of hearthguard (8 and 4), and a unit of warriors (8). 

The battle started well for me, as I moved first. Arrgghh! My warlord and hearth-guard crushed into his, shaving off 6 of 12 hitpoints (in Challenge warlords have 12 instead of 2 hit-points) . 

However, at a terrible price. His own warriors and bodyguards came up to help his warlord!

While the warlords clashed, my hearthguard was whittled down bit by bit, even though at times my dice were really good. Try as I might, for the rest of the game I was unable to take any more HPs from the Irish chief.

And the Irish were more than willing to use cowardly javelins to pester me! 

Warriors and warlord would clash with warlord, but my big horned goblin king held his ground! Fatigue began accumulating to both sides. 

Meanwhile my second hearth-guard and his war-hounds edged to the fight. 

A scene from the nightmares of fantasy authors! A beast vs. beast battle! The hounds tore the flesh of my monstrosities eradicating the last of my big hearth-guard unit! 

Meanwhile my warriors on the other flank and his warriors engaged in a see-saw battle!

My warlord feels a bit isolated! But no matter! The Eye protects and man and dog flesh shall succor! 

HAHAHAHAH! TO THE DEATH! Another massive Irish attack on my warlord fails to do the job.

Man is repalced by his best friend, as the warhounds bark and jump to tear the flesh of my warlord1

But alas for the puppies, they shall be food tonight! 

My remaining hearth-guard come up to help! While fatigue starts to accumulate to dangerous levels among the warriors of Erin. 

Dice are rolled and hits are thrown as my beast tries to kill the enemy chief! 

But it was not meant for the Dark Eye to win today. The Irish warlord smashed his sword into mine, and does enough damage so that he can win the fight, even though my ravaged warlord is still alive. 

The last of my hearth-guard kill one of the bodyguards of the Irish warlord.

And in the end , all side exhausted the forces of the Eye slither away in darkness to dark dens to nurture their wounds!

All in all it was a blast. I did not feel I got a chance to fully explore the Mordor Battle-board in the first battle, but the fight was different from the usual. The second battle was epic!  The Irish are fun and interesting enemy, and the Goblins battleboard while not fully facile due to the low numbers of my warband, made my warlord a rock on which the Irish storm broke. In the end I lost, but it came after a game full of many good "what the devil" moments and a lot of mayhem!

As it should be in Saga! 


Sean said...

Sounds like some fun games. Thanks for the link to the resource.

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Nothing! Thanks for commenting!