Sunday, September 1, 2013

DBA II/33 Polybian Roman

Wow, it has been a long time since I last updated the blog. But this year may see a lot more action miniatures wise. I have not found board-game players in Statesboro, but I will be hanging out for historical and fantasy miniature war-gaming at the Galactic Comics Shop as many Thursdays as I can. In all possibility I will try to build a small Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Saga force since people are into it down here. I may also use warhammer armies as proxies. I will also try to get some Savannah gaming in, since the group down there was so helpful.

Meanwhile I will try to gain adherents for DBA, Age of Sail and Pre-Dread wargmaing and maybe someone to play board-games as well.

Speaking of DBA, I finally finished my sixth personal army, ninth total army I have painted in DBA. This is another Polybian Roman army created from the miniatures given to me by TMP member Kyoteblue, the coolest person ever. The army was painted during my sojourn in Sweden, but I based and sealed it today here in Statesboro. A project that lasted 10 months! It is not my best painting job since I really just wanted to be done with it! Nowhere close the same army I painted as a gift. But it is adequate. And brings me closer to finishing my DBA goal of 8 personal armies.

Here are the pics!