Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update on WIP 1/2000 Valiant Napoleonic fighting ships

Here is an update to my 1/2000 Valiant Ships project. As I noted previously there were not enough Mizzen Sails for all the ships in the lot I got. So I created using green stuff replacements. To dry I pinned each one on a needle which was kept upright with blue tack.

And here are pictures with the ships with stern galleries painted and mizzen sail's added. All the is left is adding some more rigging, and making bases.

This 80 gun ship is the closest to finished state. Sorry for the poor lighting.

My attempt to fix that gives us the flying Dutchman! 

Take care everybody!

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ColCampbell50 said...

You need to have the light coming from behind you/camera in order to light up the ships. As they are now, the side towards the camera is in shadow.