Friday, July 12, 2013

1/2000 Napoleonic Sail by Valiant

Good day to all. I finished the 1/2000 Napoleonic Ship project. And just in time, as I got a heavy teaching duty job which will probably not leave much time for miniatures for a year.

Below find some pictures of the ships. The back of the bases on the white label contains slots for indicating if a ship is on fire,  how many masts it has lost, its rate, and a unique indetifier. The flags can be changed permitting a lot of possible scenarios.

All of the ships

A 3rd rate sporting Russia colors

A 2nd rate sporting British colors

A 3rd rate sporting Royalist French colors

A mighty first rate with full sails, sporting Russian colors

Another first rate sporting Royalist French colors

A third rate sporting Revolutionary French colors 

A frigate sporting Revolutionary French or Napoleonic French colors

A mighty 1st rate sproting British colors

Two more 3rd rates sporting post-Royalist French colors 

Another 3rd rate sporting British colors.

A frigate sporting British colors 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update on WIP 1/2000 Valiant Napoleonic fighting ships

Here is an update to my 1/2000 Valiant Ships project. As I noted previously there were not enough Mizzen Sails for all the ships in the lot I got. So I created using green stuff replacements. To dry I pinned each one on a needle which was kept upright with blue tack.

And here are pictures with the ships with stern galleries painted and mizzen sail's added. All the is left is adding some more rigging, and making bases.

This 80 gun ship is the closest to finished state. Sorry for the poor lighting.

My attempt to fix that gives us the flying Dutchman! 

Take care everybody!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Valiant 1/2000 Napoleonic Naval WIP


Here are some WIP pictures of my 1/2000 scale Napoleonic Ships. My goal is to finish them by the 17th for a game of Kiss Me Hardy I am hosting at the Dragons Table in Champaign. As always rigging is a pain, but they do need a bit for stability.