Thursday, June 6, 2013

War-gaming and 1:2000 Napoleonic Sailing Ships

I have not posted on this site for a while because I did not get to work with miniatures or play with miniatures in a while. Most of my hobby times has been eaten up with war-gaming, which has the advantage of being cheaper and easier to prepare then most miniatures games, and can fit my multiplayer requirement.  This week a tried a first game of Napoleon's Triumph with my gaming group. The first game was a bit hard for all of us but I am confident that after another game I will have the rules memorized. The board and pieces do look amazing.

At the same time I have not given up on miniatures! After a long post-Sweden lurch in miniature modelling I have now started a 1/2000 Napoleonic ships project. The Dragons Table in Champaign, Illinois is a treasure trove for discounted miniatures sets and games. Looking about I spotted a old dusty box which contained a small treasure of 12 Valiant  1/2000 ships. This is perfect for a fast, cheap miniature multiplayer game.

I got the set for 10$. The miniatures as you can see from the picture were not in a good condition. The person who left them at the store many years ago had given up halfway through. Some were masted but the masts were bendy. Many had bowsprits broken. 

I started working on them by 1) demasting any ships that had masts 2) shortening masts so as to make them less bendy 3) buidling bowsprits for most of the ships.

After a good 4 hours of work I had the ships ready for undercoating. I decided to prepare the models with bowsprits, staysails, and foremasts to increase bowsprit and staysail stability. The other sails will be added to the painted hull. 

Once I am done with them I intend to run a multiplayer Kiss me Hardy game at the Dragons Table. I will keep this blog updated on my progress.