Sunday, February 10, 2013

The first completed projects of the New Year

Hi to all

As I noted in my New Year post I have been in the painter's doldrums Since the start of the new year. That said with a stiff upper lip, I forced myself to work a bit on my miniatures. Here is the result

This Tradition 54mm miniature of Gustav Adolph II in "civilian" clothes is a present for my Swedish landlord. It was a quick job and I am ashamed to say not given the usual meticulous attention to detail that is my high standard.


I also finished the painting of a Polybian Roman DBA army for my own collection. This is the 8th DBA army I have painted, the second Polybian Roman army I have painted, and the 5th army of my DBA collection. It is also the last army of my DBA collection made exclusively by miniatures from Kyoteblue's gift of 15mm miniatures to me.

The army is not painted to my highest standard I am afraid, but should be fine on the wargames table. It still requires flocking, which I will do in the USA when I return in March.