Saturday, December 8, 2012

Warhammer 1000 progress report!

Hi all

I have not posted for a while do to life getting in the way. I am working on the empirical chapters of my dissertation and that is gobbling up time. I also had two friends come over for a week and had to be a gracious host. Turns out I was so good they bought me Island of Blood for a present :D. I then visited London for two days. That city really is worth your time. I had a great time but only got to see some stuff. The Imperial War Museum was a bit of a let-down, primarily due to renovation for 2014. The Life in the Blitz, Holocaust and Secret War exhibits were interesting with the best one being the haunting Holocaust exhibit. I loved Westminster were I went in an watched a debate, and the National Army Museum was just awesome.

Despite all this I got around to finishing my Dwarf and Orc and Goblin 1000 point armies. We even palyed some games with my visiting friends.

Below are some pictures of the last units finished

Spider Riders front 

Spider Riders back

Troll Front

Troll Back

Squiq Hoppers (a fun unit)

2nd Dwarf Cannon

Dwarf Slayers 

Detail on Slayers

With these my first 1000 point Warhammer armies are done (with base flocking all that is left)

1000 points of Dwarves

A bit over 1000 points of Orcs and Goblins

My current project is working on 1000 points of Beastmen. I also still have to finish another 500 points of Empire, Brettonia and Dogs of War. And thanks to my friends gift I have 600-700 points of Skaven and High Elves. Finally here is a WIP picture of my Beastmen. Tell me what you think!

Take care and be well!