Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Warhammer1000 updates

Hi all

I have been active in my Warhammer1000 project the last two weeks

Paint wise I completed another unit of goblin spear-men, the Red-Moon Goblins of the night 

The Orcs and Goblins army characters, Night Goblin Shaman, Night Goblin Big Boss and Orc Battle Standard Bearer 

A close up of the Battle Standard 

I also finished the Dwarf Thunderers, The Dwarf Gun, and the Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer. 

All that is left for completing the Dwarf 1000 pt army and the Orc and Goblin 1000 pt army is the 10 Dwarf Slayers (Painted not photographed), Second Dwarf Gun (WIP), 10 Goblin Spider Riders (WIP), 20 Night Goblin Archers (Painted, not phtographed), 5 Squig Hoppers (WIP).

At the same time I also paint elements from other WIP armies. Here is a Brettonian Pegasus Knight that will act as the General of my 1000 points Brettonian Army 

Gaming wise I had a couple of battles of solitaire war-hammer. A short battle report of one can be found in its own post.

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