Sunday, October 14, 2012

Warhammer1000 part II

Hi all!

Here is an update of my Warhammer1000 project 

First more fantasy Knights for the land of Bretons! 
The University of Chicago Knight (I got my MA from there)

The Uppsala University Knight 

The Panteion University Knight (got my BA from there)

The four university Knights! Get an education and you might look like them :p

20 Goblins of the Night. Pretty easy and fast figures to paint!

12 Brave Dwarves of War. Again easy to paint and fun,

The Full Breton Knight unit. The banner bears what might be the heraldic crest belonging to a line of my family that were colonial Venetian aristocracy. 

The city knights! The Knight of the City of Athens

The Knight of the City of Uppsala

The Knight of the City of Chicago

The Knight of the City of Urbana

Details from the Urbana Knight

Details from Orc Big Boss

Details from the University Knights

Once I have painted a couple of Units I will run my Hammer of War Solitaire rules. The mechanism is based on card play for the AI player.

Next up for painting are Miner Dwarves, Orcs, more Goblins of the Night, and Perry Pikemen, Crossbowmen, Handgunners and Man at Arms. Also a Perry field gun.

I am very close to fulfilling my 750-1000 point goal in the following armies

Goblins and Orcs
Holy Empire-War of the Roses

Have fun! 

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