Thursday, October 4, 2012


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Below you will find the pictures of the first almost complete miniatures of my Warhmmaer1000 project. This is a major long term project I began that has the goal of collecting 500-1000 points of every Warhammer army in the Ravening Hordes booklet. This is mainly a painting/collecting part of the hobby project and less a playing one. The great thing about collecting 500-1000 points of miniatures for every army is that you will not get bored or spend too much time painting the same miniatures. Bored of humans? Paint some dwarfs? Bored of infantry? Paint some Monstrous Cavalry! Armies also can be collected quickly and painted relatevly quickly. I really do not get why players go for armies bigger than 1000 points. To have lords perhaphs, but nothing prohibits you from using them in 1000 points as long as you just take them and another hero character. Indeed a Lord in 1000 points makes an excellent focus for a objective based game. To each his own I guess.

Play-wise my intention is to primary focus on small 750-1000 battles using the Ravening Hordes amry lists, with some additions from 6th edition army books, and the 7th Edition Rules.  I will also add some elements from DBA (aggression, terrain creation). Currently I am wroking on a card mechanism (with some of the solo mecahnisms from RRTK) in order to be able to play solo battles. I will post more about that in the future after a test play.

The miniature below is a Citadel Brettonian Knight, the first of 9 that will make up one of the core units of the Brettonain Force. I decided to aint four of the Knights in the colors of the four Universities I have attended in my educational road (Panteion, Chicago, Illinois, Uppsala). This Knight is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign knight, decked in the colors of that school (orange and blue). As a sigil I chose a wheat ear in homage to the Universities roots as an agricultural college. 

The next figure is an old Citadel Mordheim Middenheimer Champion. I am using this figure as a warrior priest for my Empire Battalion. An interesting fact is that the Mordheim figure is a good match for the Perry's I am using for my empire battalion, as opposed to Citadel Warhammer miniatures.

For the Empire Battalion I chose to use Perry War of the Roses Miniatures. This is for several reasons: 1) these are beautifull miniatures, anatomically more pelasing than Citadel Warhammer 2) I plan to use them for War of the Roses gaming (eitehr DBA or ACOS) 3) While they look a bit small next to Citadel Warhammer humans, I beleive they give a better proportion against the otehr races and thus a more evocative feel. The Perry humans will make an Orc look scary, a Dwarf look stocky, a Elf look tall. And they will make Brettonians look like the big dumb peasents and huge semi-mythical knights that they are fluffwise. 4) They are cheap. Just one War of the Roses army box gave me a 20 man regiment of halberdiers with command and a 20 man regiment of Archers with command, about 400 points by the RH army list, for just 40 $.

Color wise I went with blue as the main indetifying color. In the Warhammer world they represent the town company of a town in Middenheim. In the historical world they represent the retinue and levies of the Sir Thomas Burgh of Gainsborou as indicated by the banners.,_1st_Baron_Burgh_(d.1496)

The full empire battalion. About 500 points.

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