Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer-Fall Report

 Hej to all!

I know that I have not been very active on the blog these last two months. I went to Greece over the summer to visit family and spend a long time in Keffalonia. Thus I did not get to play a lot. And now I have moved to Sweden for Fall-Winter 2012-2013 as a Swedish Institute Fellow at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University. All in all this has been a busy summer. Add to it working on the dissertation and sending out academic job applications and my time for gaming has dwindled.

That said some fun was had. I got to play some Warmaster at the excellent Athens Wargaming Club.

I got to play some HOTT at my family home (good guys vs. bad. I was the bad)

I played lots of board-games (Eclipse is a great game well worth a try. So is Twilight Struggle)

and I picked some shiny new toys. The excellent Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition entry box , and some Perry WOTR Bills and Bows.

I also decided to start a new project: the 750 point Warhammer collection. My goal is to collect 500 to 750 points of every Warhammer army. I am not sure if I will play Warhammer with them or something else (Mighty Armies, HOTT, RRTK). Probably I won't have time to play period. But I have started it and it seems fun. I will be using Perry Miniatures for the Empire and will be dipping beyond Citadel, in other ranges as well.  I also got some Brettonian Knights of the Realm and a Pegasus Knight.

So how do my projects look right now?

4 more DBA armies (Republican Romans, Iberians and two TBD)
750 WFB: Empire units at 400 points. Brettonian at 400 points, some dwarf minis and a single wood elf mini)
Two more shipts for Kiss my Hardy (two 64gunners)
A Might and Reason Morean-Austrian Army

Completed (current collection)
4 DBA armies (Later Ottomans, Venetian Condotta, Bedouin Dynasties, Nikiforean Byzantines)
8 Ships for Klingon Armada (4 Fed and 4 Kling)
7 Citadel Ships for BFG (4 Chaos vs 3 Empire)
12 SI Ships for BFG
1 HOTT Undead Army
2 Frigates for Kiss me Hardy

I hope you have a good winter with lots of gaming and painting. If you are in Uppsala or Stockholm and want to game DBA, HOTT, RRTK or WFB email me!

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