Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pre-Dreadnoughts Test Run

Hi all

We gave my scratch-built pre-dreadnoughts a test run at the Dragon's Table in Champaign. The rules were WTJs Quick Fire. Generally speaking I need to adjust the measurement scale to 1/900 games. It took the two navies 4 turns to get close enough to be able to fire. Most fire was centered on torpedo boats, with one Morean torpedo boat sunk  and a Montenegrin one badly mauled. I was surprised by the survavability of the small craft.

See some pictures below (unfortunately cell phone quality)

The Morean Torpedo boats and an Armored Cruiser steaming to action!

 The Montenegrin Fleet

Montenegrin Battleship and Protected Cruiser firing broadsides.

 Morean ships weathering the fire

Morean Armored Cruisers and Torpedo Boats


Prufrock said...

Beautiful ships! Well done :)

Pat G said...

Great job!