Sunday, June 17, 2012


Hi all

I am selling the following HOTT/RRTK and element based fantasy army.

Miniatures are Splintered Light minis

There are three elements of 3 armored skeletons each, three elements of 5 skeletons each, two elements of 5 zombies each, two elements of three skeleton cavalry each, an element of a skeletal elephant/mammoth, and an element of a wizard with two skeletal large beasties.

Total of twelve elements
I am asking for 50$ not including shipping and handling for continental US. Money should be paid by money order or check (sorry I am not capable with paypal).

I would be willing to swap for any painted Nikiforean Byzantine opponent DBA army, or 1 painted 1/1200 20 gun and above Napoleonic Naval Ships.

If interested please email me at Offers should be sent to my by July 15th.

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